Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things To be Thankful for This Year

The Lord has been blessing our family year after year and I'd like to share some of the most obvious blessing we've received recently.

1. Drew's recent promotion from Technical Support Representative to Communications Coach

2. A low-interest / maintenance loan was granted. It allowed us to buy some of the things we wanted for Christmas without spending one time big time.

3. Credit cards and major loans were not approved. We think this saves us from being financially tied to debts.

4.A new red Sony T900 digicam for me and an LG Scarlet 32 inch LCD tv for Drew! I got the digicam at DBgadgets for nearly 50% off market price while Drew got his at a discounted price from SM Appliance center! Moreover, BPI is giving Jollibee treats if you use your BPI atm EPS when shopping, so we got 2 free Chickenjoy buckets!

5. We were able to save a useful amount on Ella's account to top everything else we're paying for -for her future.

6. Ella's 2nd birthday was a blast! We were able to sum up everything we wanted on a birthday party that we planned ourselves...-minus a 3rd of what we spent on her 1st disappointing party at Jollibee Acacia Lane.

7. I found my HG mascara in CoverGirl VolumExact Waterproof Mascara!

8. I got suspended on dates I'd like to file leaves on! Dec. 8 which is my birthday and Dec. 20 which is the day after the company's Twilight themed Christmas Party! Yey!

9. A beautiful Belle De Jour Planner to start the next year.

10. A healthy, beautiful and loving family!


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