Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Every Woman Opens A New Segment: Kitchen Beauty!

Remember my post on beauty? Because of that I was sooo inspired to share with you some of the things I learned and improvised when it comes to D-I-Y prettification. That's why I'm opening another segment on my website! Please Welcome: Kitchen Beauty.

I will research beauty procedures that can be done at the comfort of our own homes, with kitchen ingredients and post them all here. And to start with a HONEY AND OATMEAL FACIAL!

Prepare the ff:

1 liter water
1/2 cup honey
2 tbsp dry oatmeal
beauty head band
big towel
face towel

1. Boil water in pot then remove from fire.

2. Mix oatmeal and honey in a bowl

3. Open the lid of the pot and place your face about an arm's distance over it. Cover your head with a big towel to keep the steam to your face. *If the steam becomes too hot, open a little portion of your towel to let go of steam.

4. After about 10 mins of facial steaming, replace the lid of the pot and pat your face. Face a mirror and gently remove blackheads that are already sticking out of your open pores using a blackhead remover if you don't mind doing this on your own. If you do, you can just moisten your face towel with warm water and gently wipe your face with it. The grime on your face should've come loose with the steam so it should be easy to just wipe them off.

5. Steam face for another 5 minutes. Remove dripping water.

6. Gently scrub the face with honey-oatmeal mixture for 5 minutes, preferably using the ring finger (...the weakest finger). After scrubbing, leave the gooey mixture on the face for 10 mins.

7. Rinse with warm water to completely remove honey, followed by cold water to close pores. May be done weekly, depending on condition of facial skin.

You can also add flower petals or droplets of aromatherapy oils to your steam to add to that spa experience!

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