Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Choice

I don't buy updated clothes and shoes. I'll wear whatever is in my closet.
I prefer to get married on a mass wedding. It's ok if I don't get engagement ring or my dream wedding.
Luxury for me means buying Human Heart Nature toiletries or affordable make up to go with the collection I intend to gain profit from; having the time to do a completely DIY mani, pedi, hotoil, wax, and facial --not all at the same time and usually, once in a blue moon; attending medical check ups when any of us are sick and buying everything from the doctor's prescription.
I don't sport an expensive drink or ice cream.
I don't spend Christmas money on gifts and gadgets.
We don't frequently go to the movies or an expensive vacation out of town. Weekend family mall trips and grocery is the best we can have at the moment.
We didn't want to risk paying a huge amount monthly for a brand new car. Same reason we haven't bought a house yet.
I can't quit work to study or follow my passion of make-up artistry.

I may be working with a relatively bigger than average salary. I may have a husband who earns about the same thing. On the other hand, there's the rent, electricity, water, cable tv, internet and phone bills. Ella is already in school, I can't even enroll her to a school I think is best. Nor be there to tutor her in this early stage of her academic development.

Back in the day, I dreamed waay bigger than the state I currently am. Life is tough. I stumbled and even though I was able to get up, I'm crippled. I want to dream big again...At least, make sure that my kids get a better shot at life than I did and bessy and I get a problem-free retirement. Because of this, I make sure all extra money go to a home fund, a pension plan and a passbook. So when you see me wearing lint covered washed up clothes, having no ring on my finger, having the same chipped nail polish on my nails for several consecutive weeks, drinking free coffee from the office, not owning anything from Apple, not posting weekend getaways on Facebook, living in different houses every so often, and offering free make up sessions to practice what I've learned from Youtube...don't pity me. Just please respect the choices that I make because these are all part of a great plan.

your every woman,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lunch Date with College Friends + Binagoongang Tilapia

It's such a fine time to be with friends. I rarely have time to join reunions because of my hectic work schedule plus the fact that I seem to be the only mom in my circle (maagang lumandi! LOL). But when I do attend, it really makes me very happy! I can't imagine after 6 years of being out of school, this was the only time I learned about what truly happened with the rodent I trained for Theories of Learning (may he rest in peace...)! Aaaah...the things that unfold at reunions, priceless!

What I really like about this bunch is that, even though I've only been with them for 3 sems, they never made me feel out of place. Love you guys!

It was during this lunch date at Banana Leaf when their Tilapia dish was such a hit to Drew that he requested I dupe the recipe. Drew is not very fond of fish dishes, so once he requests, it's my pleasure to oblige!

Forgive me Banana Leaf because I do not know the actual name of the dish but I sure hope you won't mind me satisfying the cravings of my man by attempting to capture such dish in our very own binagoongang tilapia.


1 kg Tilapia brushed with a little salt
1 clove garlic, minced
1 whole onion, chopped
2 tomatoes, chopped
2 heaping tablespoons Chinese bagoong (I used the one from Kamayan)
2 tbsp cane vinegar
1 tbsp cornstarch dissolved in 1 cup water
1 tbsp brown sugar

1. Fry garlic until golden brown. Drain and set aside
2. Saute the Chinese bagoong in oil used to fry garlic with onions and tomatoes.
3. Add vinegar, cornstarch solution and brown sugar.
4. Cook in low fire until saucy consistency is achieved
5. Fry the Tilapia.
6. Pour bagoong sauce over fried tilapia and top with fried garlic.

I wonder what it would taste like if we replace cornstarch mixture with coconut milk? Try it and let me know ok?

your every woman,