Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Dreams...

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Do you day dream? I'm this weird kind of person who lives what I want to become in my daydreams. I just have to close my eyes and I see even the smallest detail like my outfit and the outfits of the rest of the people in my dream, dialogue, scenery, furniture, etc. Sometimes, I can't even sleep because of the never-ending, day after day happenings. And If I have enough time, I get to complete the best years in my life until such time that Ella goes to college and has little siblings! (Yeah, but please don't be scared of me...LOLz!)

That isn't surprising if you know me very well though. In fact, Ella's complete name: Soleil Isabella is a name I daydreamed for my baby girl since High School!

It gives me butterflies in the stomach everytime each detail on my daydream is unravelled in real life. You see, I dream of things that can logically be attained, I even specify a time frame indicated in my age in the dream.

I dream of:

...acquiring at least a second-hand car by the end of 2010
...graduating BS Psychology (hopefully still at UST) by 2012
...Drew graduating from his chosen degree (he can't decide whether to finish his last year of Nursing or pursue a course on computers)
...sending Ella to a good preschool by 2012
...Drew having his own legitimate computer-related business
...marrying Drew at the Manila Cathedral after graduation
...Ella studying ballet when she's 4 years old
...studying basic make up soon
...acquiring my own home by 2013 from both mine and Drew's Home Credit accounts
...having at least 2 more babies, at least 2 years apart and preferably boys
...starting a beauty and wellness business with my mom and aunt
...obtaining a master's degree on child psychology by 2015
...starting my own child care center and preschool
...Ella studying elementary at the UST
...Ella getting into figure skating when she's about 7 years old (The look on her eyes whenever she watches figure skaters tell us she likes this sport. Plus, she loves dancing soooo much!)
...Ella having a very beautiful singing voice
...acquiring a nice red car of my own
...getting a second home through PAGIBIG
...starting a restaurant business with my brother Eric
...seeing Ian become a successful engineer
...being able to save enough money for an early retirement when Drew and I are about 50 years old
...being able to travel at least around the Philippines and a couple of out of the country locations


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