Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Freshest Look Inspired By Minute Maid!

From the people whom I think started the pulpy juice bandwagon comes a refreshing contest that will surely tickle your passion to be beautiful. Tied up with Beautynomics, Minute Maid wants to see "your freshest look inspired by Minute Maid"!

I always look the freshest when I wear my hair down with side swept bangs and a natural no-make-up look! In this picture, I colored my hair brown with a D-I-Y kit, applied sunscreen all over, used mineral foundation in my skin tone, applied some barely-there blush and lip balm, curled my lashes and applied 2 coats of brown mascara! Can you believe that this shot was taken after I got home from a 3am-12nn call center shift?! Not bad for a mom right?

And now for a wacky look! 'Tis the first time I posed like this!

Happy New Year!

your every woman,

Things To be Thankful for This Year

The Lord has been blessing our family year after year and I'd like to share some of the most obvious blessing we've received recently.

1. Drew's recent promotion from Technical Support Representative to Communications Coach

2. A low-interest / maintenance loan was granted. It allowed us to buy some of the things we wanted for Christmas without spending one time big time.

3. Credit cards and major loans were not approved. We think this saves us from being financially tied to debts.

4.A new red Sony T900 digicam for me and an LG Scarlet 32 inch LCD tv for Drew! I got the digicam at DBgadgets for nearly 50% off market price while Drew got his at a discounted price from SM Appliance center! Moreover, BPI is giving Jollibee treats if you use your BPI atm EPS when shopping, so we got 2 free Chickenjoy buckets!

5. We were able to save a useful amount on Ella's account to top everything else we're paying for -for her future.

6. Ella's 2nd birthday was a blast! We were able to sum up everything we wanted on a birthday party that we planned ourselves...-minus a 3rd of what we spent on her 1st disappointing party at Jollibee Acacia Lane.

7. I found my HG mascara in CoverGirl VolumExact Waterproof Mascara!

8. I got suspended on dates I'd like to file leaves on! Dec. 8 which is my birthday and Dec. 20 which is the day after the company's Twilight themed Christmas Party! Yey!

9. A beautiful Belle De Jour Planner to start the next year.

10. A healthy, beautiful and loving family!

The Spirit of Gift Giving

photo from

Christmas is unlike any other occasion because anyone can be worthy of receiving gifts.

Last year, I was overwhelmed by the many blessings the Lord had given us and I'd like to share those blessing by giving gifts to everyone in our family. I even collected natural soaps to give my closest friends but were not able to meet them. So my family had to consume the soaps before expiration.

This year, even though still blasted with blessings, I was unable to collect stuff to give my loved ones. It's because we spent a lot for things we wanted for ourselves that we failed to monitor the amount that will be left for us come Christmas time. I'm still thankful! And I would still love to share the blessings. That's why this time, I just try to keep in mind some of the things that would make my loved ones happy and get it for them when I can even if Christmas had already passed.

I'll be a hypocrite if I say it will not affect me if I didn't receive any gift. But it's not because of what I didn't receive. The way I was brought up: gifts=thoughtfulness=love. So my loved ones can give me just about anything as long as I feel they thought of/love me.

It's just sad that outside of this, there are still a lot of selfish people who don't understand the meaning of gift giving and receiving. Have you ever received one gift that came from 2 or more people? Have you ever thought why they had to tag as many names on the from line only to give you one gift? Could it be because they had to share the expense just to give you the gift you've been dreaming of? Or could it be because they wanted to be included in your list of people who gave you something and that the favor should be returned?

Whenever you give out gifts, does your recipient know why? Do you feel that they understand how that gift was carefully thought of because it is your token of love or appreciation for them? Or is it just another material thing they received, which could've been the best if it was something on their wish list?

Have you ever thought that not giving out gifts to your usual recipients would result in a sourness on their end? Or do you think that during their everyday encounter with you (which is most likely...), they 've understood how times could also be hard for you at the moment and that your affection and thoughtfulness is enough?

Somewhere in all of these questioning, I'm sure you know those who really understand the spirit of giving and receiving and those who don't. Do you feel that these people are still worthy of your love/affection/gift? the spirit of Christmas, YES!

your every woman,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Thoughts Before the Year Ends

I was a bit alarmed with the things that happened this year: Death of popular and inspirational people...Spread of disease...Numerous natural calamities...It makes me remember some readings on the Bible about certain events that would lead to the second coming. Scary, I know! But it's not the judgement I'm scared about. It's what I may not be prepared for. I must admit, I don't have much faith in what my religion (or anyone else) says is supposed to happen. I'm not sure how to prepare myself or my family. This is an area in me that makes me really sad. Lots of what ifs in here...

I really like this year's ABS-CBN Christmas station ID and the whole "Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko" thing. I'm a tearjerker and it makes me cry everytime each "Bro" mini-clip is aired on tv because they really touch my heart. It's amazing of ABS-CBN to have come up with those! Are you like me? The kind of person who takes viewing seriously and feel for it? That is the reason I don't like watching tv too much. What I watch really leaves an effect on me --good or bad!

I feel bad for not having a dialect. I'm old enough to realize that the "Bisaya" people are not to be mocked. And that, it's actually cool to speak something not everyone understands. Picture this, you grow into an environment that speaks a foreign language, your family speaks your your dialect at home, everyone speaks English as 2nd and universal language and you speak your native main language in your country and with your countrymen. You kinda become multilingual, even if it's all 4 languages/dialects you know how to communicate with. Does that make you smart? You decide!

I wonder where or from whom the universal standard for beauty came from. Although it may be true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, media suggests that the universally beautiful people have these qualifications: tall, slim, clear skin, high bridged nose, shiny and flowing hair, big boobs/chest, big behind, muscled/flat abdomen, toned arms and legs, staright teeth, etc. Some other qualities depend on certain parts of the world, more often depending on what the people don't have: fair vs. tan skin, small Asian eyes vs big, round and deep set eyes, blonde vs brunette, straight haired vs. curly haired, etc. Come to think of it, if the first most influential people thought that you are most beautiful if you are everything the opposite of the above, then a percentage of the population wouldn't feel so ugly right? ...Sometimes, that includes ME.

Happy New Year peeps!

your every woman,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Starting Your Own Home? Fill It Up NOW!

Congratulations to singles and families who've decided to build their own homes! And when one separates from the comfort of the fully furnished biological family house, he needs to complete a showcase of basics.

Drew and I were able to complete our home with furnishings in less than a year and kept upgrading until we have collected a few really cool stuff any budding family would love to have in the less than 2 years! Yey!

But don't get me wrong, we don't get triple digit grands a month...nor do we have whopping credit card bills! (We've never owned credit cards by the way. Our applications were never approved! I wonder why?!) We just know where to get the good stuff! And I'm sharing them to you!

1. For washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioning system, take a day off to the Pier. It's not a store name! You ACTUALLY have to go to ships' docking station near Intramuros. And I really meant DAY OFF by the way, because they sell super efficient and affordable surplus stuff (mostly Japanese and operate on 110 volts), you'd have to really take time in visiting each seller, test the best products they have to offer and haggle for the cheapest price. We got this no-frost small ref, a/c and automatic click-and-go washing machine for around 11k total!

*We still dream/plan of having branded, quality appliances though. But these will do for a start! The a/c system really cools our small bedroom...The fridge turns liquid into ice in no time while giving you the comfort of not having to defrost...And the washing machine is laundromat material!

2. For branded lcd tv, monitor, computer, pc peripherals and gadgets, go to and We already got 2 brand new Sony digicams, lcd monitors, computer parts, cellphones and mp3 players at about 30-50% off mall/market price. My husband also sells Altec and Edifier speakers there with the username demitri_66.

*If your budget is too tight and you want to settle for non-branded counterparts, you can always visit CDR-King.

3. For bedroom, dining room and living room sets, drop by Paco, Manila...near Paco Catholic School. There's a wide range of choices in furniture there from wood, to metal, to plastic! You will be surprised that your dream dining set from SM appliance center or Blims can be yours for half the price at Paco. We did! We got a 4-seater wooden dining set with glass top, Ella's wooden baby cabinet, queen sized Uratex foam and metal bed frame (all of which we sold and replaced for a good price when we moved to a smaller place...), leatherette covered-Uratex foamed sofa, glass center table, wooden tv rack, computer table, and computer chair from there.

4. For kitchen utensils, try the Japan Home. They have really cute and unconventional pieces, usually sold for 66 to 88 pesos apiece. We got sugar-salt-milk glass containers, glasses, knives, kitchen scissors, and mini drawers from there.

5. For other wooden house items like the full-body mirror (which had a stand that I didn't use in the house...) and the magazine rack shown in the picture above, you can get them at the EDSA Shangrila mall. I was amazed too when I found out that this kiosk in the middle of one hallway (...going left if you entered the mall via its EDSA entrance!) that sells wooden items are in fact selling them for a very cheap prices considering the mall they're in! I forgot the name of the kiosk though, sorry.

6. For electric fans, gas stove, blender, light bulbs, pots, pans, short, everything else you needed but didn't see at the places above, visit Makro. That member-preferred store doesn't just cater to retail-store owners, but to your empty house as well. You may also want to get some grocery items while you're at it because they also sell affordable grocery items! We got our 2 burner gas stove, electric fans, pails, dippers and cleaning materials from there.

Well, if you anyone doesn't find this post or the places I'm talking about, we'll be more than happy to sell stuff to you. With tubo of course! Hehehe!

your every woman,

My HG Mascara!

I'm in love with CoverGirl VolumeExact Mascara! Here's why:

1.It's got the one of those no-clump mascara brush that CoverGirl has been famous for. And guess what, there are really no clumps!
2.It has a waterproof version, which is the one I have.

.It doesn't flake out, even when you're like me, who's an OC and has the tendency of touching my eyeslashes at the marvel of how curly they stay on every so often.

4. It's very waterproof! I even bathed with it on!

5. It's a very affordable drugstore mascara!!!! P595 apiece.

What I don't like about it?

1. It's only available in black and black-brown.

2. Difficult to remove with oil.

normal lashes

after 2 coats

The packaging said it's easy to remove with their own makeup remover. And I'm sure any REAL make up remover would work too. It's just that I haven't realized the importance of a really good make-up remover enough to buy one yet. Maybe I am gonna have to buy one now!

your every woman,

Monday, December 28, 2009

No-Bake Leche Flan

My family never owned an oven. And we have had this recipe long before I was born, in fact, I didn't even know that Leche Flan was originally a baked dessert until I argued with a colleague and googled about it!

If the leche flans I've eaten from commercial providers and fast foods are baked, then this recipe tastes just as well...maybe even better!


3 370 ml cans of evaporated milk
2 300ml cans of condensed milk
12 egg yolks
white sugar
1 calamansi

*You will need at least 6 standard sized leche flan metal trays for this recipe.
**How to separate egg yolk from egg whites can be found here.

1. Place 1 1/2 tbsp white sugar on your metal trays. Shake the sugar and find out if it's enough to cover the base of the tray so you'll know whether to add or remove some sugar.

2. Hold tray on top of stove with tongs to heat the sugar and form caramel. It's up to you if you want it a little burnt, golden brown, or a colorless liquified sugar. Set aside until the caramelized sugar hardens.

3. Boil water enough to fill half of your steamer base.

4. Beat egg yolks and add milk and calamansi. (I place everything inside a blender for better mixing, by the way.) Once everything is thoroughly mixed, put some of the mixture on top of the caramel floored metal trays. Cover the tray if you have the covered ones, or cover with foil if you have the open ones.

5. Arrange metal trays on the upper layers of the steamer (the ones with the holes). Make sure there's enough room for hot air to pass through, especially if you're cooking 2 or more layers up.

6.Steam on low fire. After an hour, open one of the metal trays and stick a wooden toothpick inside the flan. You'll know that the leche flan is ready if nothing sticks to your toothpick when you pull it out. If there is, close the tray cover and close the lid of the steamer and steam for 30 more mins. Keep on repeating the process until it's ready. I cooked mine for 2 hours.

7. Allow to cool naturally before keeping in fridge.

So this was our dessert last Christmas, even though we weren't able to eat it on Christmas eve! Why? Because I had asthma on Christmas eve and everyone was so tired...we just slept! Can you believe it?

How about you? What was on your Christmas eve table?

your every woman,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Will You Be With This Holiday Season?


Well, it's not really a battle...Haha! But it's a dilemma I'm sure every budding family went through, especially if each biological family is expecting your family to celebrate with them. And who's to decide who to be with? Will there ever be a more rational explanation to pick one over the other?

If I'm not mistaken, we compromised to spend Christmas with my family and spend New Year with hubby's family last year. I'd like to keep it that way, but the Estandartes are going to Subic this Christmas and Drew and Ella would love to come along. So I guess it's a turnover this time.

How about you? Did you have to go through this kind of decision making? How do you make the decision?

Love lots,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Recipe of the Day: Libre Nachos

We love 'em with vegetables! ...And here's how we make ours:


1/2 kg ground beef
1/2 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 small cheez whiz
1 heaping table spoon of cornstarch
1 cup water
1 tetra pack of Nestlé cream
1/2 cup white vinegar
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp white pepper
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp salt
white onion, tomatoes and cucumber cut into small cubes
cabbage, cut into small strips and blanched

1. Sauté ground beef in garlic, onion and some tomates until it becomes a deep dark brown.
2. Mix all the contents of the smallest bottle of Cheez Whiz with cornstarch and water to make cheese sauce. Cook in low fire until consistency is not to thick but not too runny either.
3. Mix Nestlé cream, vinger, garlic, white pepper, water and salt in a metal bowl to make a sour cream sauce. Place bowl above hot water to heat the mixture up a bit. We don't want to actually cook the cream as it will curdle. Set aside.
4. Place nachos on a serving plate, top with beef, white onion, tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage. pour cream sauce and cheese sauce.
5. Add hot sauce for those who like it spicy!

We ate this mouth-watering snack while watching UP on DVD...just sharing! You can also use tortillas or soft tacos with the same filling! Enjoy!

Love lots,

Guess What's New at The SM Megamall?

Haha! I'm not always the bearer of breaking news, but I got really excited when I saw this:

Etude House is here in the Philippines! I have learned about this cosmetic company through Cosmetic Candy and didn't think that it would open a store at one of my most frequented malls! Come to think of it...Skin Food and The Face Shop already have several branches here, so why not Etude House right?!

I'm definitely gonna check the store out when it opens! I've read Rowena's reviews on some of their products
here, here and here! I wasn't able to ask anyone at the place because I'm shy. And believe it or not, those men working on construction and interior design are all Koreans!

Guess I'm gonna have to just wait!

Love lots,

What's In Mommy's Make Up Bag?

I have seen lots of make up bag contents in the blogosphere and found them all envy-worthy. However, being a mom and an on-the-go employee, I try to keep my kikay kit filled with the's mine!

Good and affordable tweezers and eyelash curler from Japan Home

Leyende's A Place in the Sun sunblock
Charm Holiday Brush Set
Luminare foundation in Mellow Sunset
Stripit's Crushed Berry Cheek Tint in Peach Berry
The Face Shop eyeliner brush
Avon Glimmersticks lip liner in Brick Red

The Natural Source Camouflage Color lipstick in Sugar Red (...too bad, TNS is out of business!)
Luminare Lip Slim in Vino
GIGA Ventures Lip Balm
Cover Girl Volumexact mascara in black-brown

Urban Decay Primer Potion

B.E. Weather Everything Liner Sealer

..because every mom should look good

us moms!

Love lots,

E.L.F. Duo Eyeshadow Cream Review

I impulsively bought a pan of E.L.F Duo Eyeshadow in Black Licorice after finding out that Dollface Cosmetics ran out of their 88-color eyeshadow palettes. I need a neat black eyeshadow for our company's Twilight themed Christmas party this Saturday and I thought this was a good alternate, given its price of 129+.

From the packaging:

Express yourse.l.f. with the easy to blend, crease resistant, creamy duo eye shadow colors.

Well, it did crease. I thought I can just apply powder e/s to settle it but that doesn't help either. I tried applying UDPP under it but it creased even worse. Maybe it's cream ingredients zero out UDPP's efficiency.

For me, it's not a good thing to have. I'd keep on using it though for the not-so-special events and try to use up all its contents. This may work for people with eye lids that are not as oily as mine though, especially with the cute color choices.

Hope this helps!

Love lots,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Create Your Own Invitations!

I'm sure most of us moms have actually tried or thought of making our own invitations for any event in the family. And with all the invitation softwares and service providers out in the market, we want to come up with our own unique, pretty and more affordable choice.

The party was held at our apartment's front yard and not at somewhere fancy. So I decided to give the party a twist by asking kids to come face-decorated by their parents with the face paint included in my invitation. It was too easy to just print message on craft paper, roll the face paint pen inside, and tie a ribbon around the whole thing. But I didn't want a kids' party invitation to look like most of the prom and 18th birthday invitations we've received. So here's how I made ours for Ella's birthday.

1. I cut craft paper into rectangular sections and lightly pencil marked the parts (marked in red) that I need to fold. Sorry for the poor labelling, I really don't know how to watermark yet.

2. I folded pasted the edges of the folded parts, making sure that the round slot I left for the face paint pens are wouldn't have folded edges. When the glue dried up on the paper, I used single hole punchers to punch each side of the papers.

3. Lastly, I tied thin fuschia pink ribbons around the holes and inserted the face paint pens in the slots. You can print your invitation message on a different kind of paper, cut into shapes and paste it inside the invitation sheets. Or, if you're confident about your handwriting, then just plainly scribble your message using colored pens!

Try it, or share how you've done yours!

Love lots,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Trip at The Ocean Park

We were lucky to have been treated by Drew's aunt and uncle to a trip at the ocean park yesterday. That's why even though I just came home from work and will have to go to work the next day, I obliged...much to Ella's joy!

Entrance fees are 400 for adult, 350 for children above 2 ft with a 20% discount for senior citizens and 10% for Manila residents. Children below 2 ft get to enjoy the park for free. However, if you decide to avail any of the 500-peso Christmas packages, which includes a trip to the park and any 2 of the ff: boat ride, fish spa and a trip to the jellies, the Manila resident discount can no longer be applied.

Anyway here are some of the pics:

Ella, pretending to be a mermaid.

Hubby, loving the jellyfishes!

Fish spa experience ala Ocean Park!

T'was definitely a great bonding and learning experience for the family!

Love lots,

How Old Are You Ella? Two!

Ella just celebrated her 2nd birthday last November 29 and it was a blast! I wasn't able to post about it here because we're still collating the pictures.

Along with being 2 comes a lot of physical, behavioral and social changes and I'd like to enumerate them here:

1. She gained more weight and is looking a lot bigger and healthier now.
2. She's around 3 feet tall now.
3. She can sing part or the whole of the following songs:
a.) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
b.) Happy Birthday To You
c.) Eency Weency Spider
d.) Alleluyah
e.) The Alphabet Song
f.) The Little Einstein's Opening Theme
g.) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Hotdog" Closing Theme
h.) Danny and Daddy Opening Theme
i.) My Friends, Tigger and Pooh Opening Theme
j.) Play With Me, Sesame's "Somebody Come and Play" Opening Theme
k.) lines from pop songs like Umbrella, Single Ladies, Fire of 2NE1, Poker Face, Paparazzi, etc
3. She likes playing with kids than just mom and dad.
4. She doesn't want to share her toys though.
5. She likes to imitate older people.
6. And I think, it's because of number 5 that she is now fond of hurting people.
7. She does say sorry though, after damages and hurt had been done.
8. She has her own color preference and it's pink and purple.
9. She knows how to correctly wear slippers.
10. She knows how to undress herself but needs little assistance to dress herself up.
11. She knows how to drink in a glass but prefers to still drink milk in a bottle.
12. She knows how to eat in her own bowl with her own spoon but will still finish with some mess.
13. She has a grasp of intangible things such as love, happiness, anger, fear, and missing a person.
14. She has her way (...and time) of showing affection through a hug, a kiss or an expression of "I love you" or "Mahal kita".
15. She would more often than not, ask for pasalubong or a simple treat from people who come home.
16. She makes sure that mom and dad are both with her when she sleeps.
17. She can answer the phone.
18. She can say good morning and good night.
19. She would argue with anyone on things she believes she's correct on. One instance was when we said her stuffed toy is a Llama but it looked like a dog to her, she said "Doggie yan!"
20. She would even tell anyone who borrow stuff from us as to whom that stuff belonged to like "That's mommy's" or "Kay mommy yan ha!".
21. She likes watching tv, but not for more than 30 minutes.
22. She likes to write, paint and color...We'd have to make sure she's fully guided or else, she'll make the whole house her canvass!
23. She can blow bubbles, wind instruments and birthday candles.
24. She likes to play pretend, especially pretending to be the mommy.
25. She knows more words and her speech is more comprehendable now.
26. She already changed her answer to "How old are you?" to 2!
27. She knows real names of family members.

Isn't she amazing?!

Love lots,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Finally Have A Bottle of the Magic Potion!!!

Oh I'm soooo ecstatic! I owe it to Dollface cosmetics' bazaar at the Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. I saw their loot of Urban Decay Primer Potions and there's quite a few...Make up enthusiasts better grab the chance of scoring it, if you don't have one yet... (How I wish hubby would allow me to get Dollface' matte and shimmer eyeshadow palettes too!)

Anyway, what is all the fuss about this UDPP? Well, it's a favorite in the makeup world and almost all the make up and beauty bloggers I look up to swear by it! It's supposed to make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant and stay on your lids come what may.

So what's the verdict?

Tadaa! Eyeshadow that is totally in tact even after 8 hours!

Ok, so forget the "colors are more vibrant" part! It's not UDPP's fault, it's mine! I really suck at eye make-up. And UDPP even makes it a bit more difficult to correct mistakes.

I realized that it gives off a white cast if not blended carefully...I should've been more careful!

I feel the need to practice with more colors...otherwise my UDPP will go to waste. Can you believe that it's period-after-opening is just 6 months?!

That's the downside to it by the way (...aside from being expensive at P1450 per 10ml). I thought that I'm gonna keep a bottle for special occasions only to find out that I'd have to use the product that frequently! Now, I am really envious of US make up junkies. They have access to all the goods at terribly low prices! UDPP sells for $17.00 from the website. So, on a 50 peso to dollar conversion, it would only be around P850! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Love it though!

Love lots,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday To Me!!!

Now That I'm 25, I'd like to challenge myself on treating you to 25 fun facts about me...(As if you'd be interested! Lolz! But here it comes anyway...)

1. I'm a frustrated singer, dancer and theater artist. People I've met in school knows this!

2. I love Aegis's songs! ...But especially when Sarah Geronimo sings them!

3. Back in college, I lied about my age. I know! But here's why: I met a couple of girls on my first day of college and I told them "ung mga un parang ang tatanda na dito" while pointing to a group of other girls. By that, I meant that they seem to be sooo familiar with the school while our group obviously looked newbies. Toni, who later turned out to be our class secretary answered, "repeater!" That hit me, even though I wasn't a repeater because I stopped a year after High School for a shot at the US with my mom that never happened. Toni eventually had to ask for birthdays for the class directory and when I answered my birthday, I didn't get the chance to say the year because she assumed it's 1985 based on common birth year of the students taking 1st year college. And I, remembering the "repeater" incident, decided not to take it back and lived the rest of my life in that lie to them....Sorry!

4. I made a song back in 2002 entitled "Iisang Mithiin" which is a song for a pro-life advocacy. That song won 2nd place at the ProLife Philippines' inter-school song writing competition and got to be included in the "Himig, Buhay at Pag-Ibig" CD sold at ProLife Philippines, St.Paul's and other Catholic/Christian stores.

5. I can search for basic notes on the piano and guitar enough to play melodies, but not enough to play good music.

6. I am more fascinated with the beauty of women than men. But I am not a lesbian and Drew is the most handsome man in the world!

7. I know how to properly use Maxi Peel and it worked for me. Back in High School, I would steam my face first and extract blackheads, not minding if it scars as long as I get everything out of my face. Then I'd moist a cotton ball with 2nd strength of Maxi Peel and applied it on my face, 3 times a day for 2 days. Then I will use a mild, non abrasive cleanser on my face for the next 4 days, never force peeling dead skin. On the night of the fourth day, I will soak my face with petroleum jelly making sure it doesn't get to my bedsheets and wash it off with apricot scrub the next day. I finish it with a light moisturizer and keep myself from touching my new skin in 1 week. The result? Baby smooth skin that shows my natural skin color, a medium tan with undertones that fall between pink and yellow. Beware, because this can only be done if you can keep yourself from going out of the house for a whole week. The sun will do more harm than good on a Maxi Peel soaked face

8. I look up to by older brother, Eric...even though some might think he's not that type. In fact, I find myself approving to anything he approves of.

9. I'm very good at lying back in my school days. I am very detailed with what I process in my mind that it believes even those that did not really happen. But mind you, I don't lie anymore now. I guess it wouldn't work anymore because of lack of practice, teehee!

10. I never liked alcoholic beverages. I don't understand how people can get addicted to them! They taste bitter, they give you a headache, make you throw up and is bad for the health! I only drank when I was younger because everyone was doing it and I thought I'd look cool.

11. I love rhum in fruitcake and black forest cakes though!

12. Drew is the only man I liked that's chubby. And I'm sure I'm still gonna like him if he were skinny...He's just that good-looking for me!

13. I love children, but only the cute and clean ones. My good friend, Bernice made me realize this and I'm admitting it to my face now. I don't hate the others though, I would just not give too much attention. It doesn't make me bad, does it?

14. I have eczema on my ankles that can't be cured for the last 6 years! I hate it! I can't wear skirts and shorts because of it!

15. I have a fetish for tickly things since I was a baby.

16. I don't like drinking water but I can drink liters over liters of juice everyday.

17. I became an apprentice for the Teatro Tomasino for 1 semester. My first (and turned out to be the only...) job there was make up artist.

18. My favorite color is red...even though it doesn't show too much.

19. My favorite cuisine is Italian.

20. I would love to be a vegetarian because 1.) I love fruits and veggies and 2.) it's good for my eczema. However, it would be costly since I'd need to have a different budget for myself from the rest of the family.

21. I have stage fright and I fear people.

22. I can live without any entertainment gadget like pc, tv and radio if I can just sing all day.

23. I hate lizards, or any gooey living creature.

24. I am half Malaysian and my real name is Lim Bianca Helen.

25. I dream of being glamorous and being a woman that socially matters rather than stay as simple as I am now.

Love lots,