Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You Lord For Another Wonderful Year!!!

Thank you Lord for another fruitful year! You have given me and my family numerous blessings in all aspects of life and because of that, I dedicate this post to you! Cheers!

1. 23 Followers on this blog... you are all sooo beautiful! Thank you!

2. Lots of make up opportunities. And hopefully, more to come!

3. My promotion and my new team... (Not to mention a new job for my brother and promotions for 2 of the best ladies in the world, Karen and Mye...Congratulations peeps!!!) Love you guys!

4. Drew's insurance through Sunlife Financial: Another saving opportunity (and give saving a double meaning!) Thanks JD!

5. My cousin to take care of my little princess...Finally, my mind is at peace!

6. A healthy and happy family!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

your every woman,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Make Up Wishlist

What got me loco into make up is eye make up! I am very much fascinated at how different eye make ups can change one's whole look! That's why if you've noticed, it is the eyes I focus on mastering on my make up play!

Because of this, let me share to you my up for grabs this 2011...

Dollface Cosmetics' 120 COLOR EYESHADOW PALETTE (P1300)

or I can settle for Dollface Cosmetics' 88 COLOR EYESHADOW PALETTE (P800) if i don't have enough money...
Beaauty and Minerals Charm Pro Brush Set (P3200)! I've been lemming for this since it came out and obviously, I haven't had enough moolah to buy it..YET!
Urban Decay Little Sins - a set of travel sized eyeshadow primer potion. I can't finish a full bottle in six months so I might as well get the travel sized lovelies!

And last, but definitely not the least because I'm sure this is the priciest of the lot...
Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils! Need I say more?

But then again, if it costs more than 3k, I'll have to think really hard about buying it. If it costs more than 5k, I would settle for Urban Decay Jackpot (P2,250 from Carefreeshopper)- contains 9 travel sized 24/7 pencils in popular colors and 1 full sized Zero!
I don't know if I will ever get enough money to get these...So for now, I'm ok with just pictures! After all, I'm still incorporating The Secret in my life!

Happy New Year everyone!

*Thanks to the following for the photos:

your every woman,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sugar Plum Fairy

One day, a fairy decided to buy new lipstick from Wet n Wild. She picked a color she had never worn before...Plum!

But then, she found out that it was no ordinary plum lipstick! She magically turned into something different!

She became the Sugar Plum Fairy! she posed

and posed...

and posed...

and posed...

and posed some more...

But when she removes the lipstick, she turns back into her simple self and go back to sleep with her baby...

Goodnight! :D

Sugar Plum Fairy by Wet n Wild. Available at SM Department Store's cosmetics section for P299.75!

your every woman,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I remember a homily one Sunday. Jesus was talking to Santa Claus saying "You know what Santa? I envy you sometimes..." Santa answered, "Why do you envy me Jesus?". Jesus said "Because people remember you more on MY birthday...".

Let's not forget that before anything else, it's the celebration of Jesus' birthday today and how He was sent to save us!

Merry Christmas!!!

your every woman,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another True Love From Human Heart Nature!

Human Heart Nature has never stopped wowing me with its earth friendly products. Just recently, it came out with a mineral make up line which was sooo tempting because it's mineral minus the hassle!

Say hello to Boracay Bronze!

It's their darkest foundie shade! Perfect for my morena complexion!

What I love about it:
-All natural
-Affordable at Php425 (INTRO PRICE AT Php 395 SO GRAB ONE NOW!)
-Has rice powder that effectively keeps my facial oil at bay
*It even minimizes eyeshadow creasing sans primer!
-Doesn't reflect light too much like how most minerals do

Here's a picture of me with my friend, Mye, at a recent rock & roll themed company party:

No more whiter face for me!

your every woman,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kitchen Beauty: Let Your Nail Polish Dry The Fastest

DIY mani and pedi? I'm sure at some point, you've been so impatient or in a hurry to wait for your nail polish to completely dry! I often do mani and pedi the morning before a night shift. Which means that I'd have to sleep afterwards to prepare for work. And then...hello hairline scratches! (Can you tell I'm OC?)

So if your favorite nail polish doesn't come in a quick dry variant, here's a solution I got from Drew's aunt!

Allow 5 minutes for a coat of nail polish to set and dip your fingers (/or toes) to iced water for as long as you can handle the cold, like this:

Once you remove your fingers (/toes), let the water dry naturally on your nails. You can wipe the rest of your hands (/feet) that got wet with a towel, by the way.

Repeat the process for succeeding coats of nail polish and allow longer dipping time for the last coat. Just remove and replace your digits if it's too cold for you!

After this, you can do the oil tip (applying oil to your nails to reduce friction with another surface) if you're really OC.

your every woman,