Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Old Are You Ella? Two!

Ella just celebrated her 2nd birthday last November 29 and it was a blast! I wasn't able to post about it here because we're still collating the pictures.

Along with being 2 comes a lot of physical, behavioral and social changes and I'd like to enumerate them here:

1. She gained more weight and is looking a lot bigger and healthier now.
2. She's around 3 feet tall now.
3. She can sing part or the whole of the following songs:
a.) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
b.) Happy Birthday To You
c.) Eency Weency Spider
d.) Alleluyah
e.) The Alphabet Song
f.) The Little Einstein's Opening Theme
g.) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Hotdog" Closing Theme
h.) Danny and Daddy Opening Theme
i.) My Friends, Tigger and Pooh Opening Theme
j.) Play With Me, Sesame's "Somebody Come and Play" Opening Theme
k.) lines from pop songs like Umbrella, Single Ladies, Fire of 2NE1, Poker Face, Paparazzi, etc
3. She likes playing with kids than just mom and dad.
4. She doesn't want to share her toys though.
5. She likes to imitate older people.
6. And I think, it's because of number 5 that she is now fond of hurting people.
7. She does say sorry though, after damages and hurt had been done.
8. She has her own color preference and it's pink and purple.
9. She knows how to correctly wear slippers.
10. She knows how to undress herself but needs little assistance to dress herself up.
11. She knows how to drink in a glass but prefers to still drink milk in a bottle.
12. She knows how to eat in her own bowl with her own spoon but will still finish with some mess.
13. She has a grasp of intangible things such as love, happiness, anger, fear, and missing a person.
14. She has her way (...and time) of showing affection through a hug, a kiss or an expression of "I love you" or "Mahal kita".
15. She would more often than not, ask for pasalubong or a simple treat from people who come home.
16. She makes sure that mom and dad are both with her when she sleeps.
17. She can answer the phone.
18. She can say good morning and good night.
19. She would argue with anyone on things she believes she's correct on. One instance was when we said her stuffed toy is a Llama but it looked like a dog to her, she said "Doggie yan!"
20. She would even tell anyone who borrow stuff from us as to whom that stuff belonged to like "That's mommy's" or "Kay mommy yan ha!".
21. She likes watching tv, but not for more than 30 minutes.
22. She likes to write, paint and color...We'd have to make sure she's fully guided or else, she'll make the whole house her canvass!
23. She can blow bubbles, wind instruments and birthday candles.
24. She likes to play pretend, especially pretending to be the mommy.
25. She knows more words and her speech is more comprehendable now.
26. She already changed her answer to "How old are you?" to 2!
27. She knows real names of family members.

Isn't she amazing?!

Love lots,


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