Monday, December 14, 2009

Create Your Own Invitations!

I'm sure most of us moms have actually tried or thought of making our own invitations for any event in the family. And with all the invitation softwares and service providers out in the market, we want to come up with our own unique, pretty and more affordable choice.

The party was held at our apartment's front yard and not at somewhere fancy. So I decided to give the party a twist by asking kids to come face-decorated by their parents with the face paint included in my invitation. It was too easy to just print message on craft paper, roll the face paint pen inside, and tie a ribbon around the whole thing. But I didn't want a kids' party invitation to look like most of the prom and 18th birthday invitations we've received. So here's how I made ours for Ella's birthday.

1. I cut craft paper into rectangular sections and lightly pencil marked the parts (marked in red) that I need to fold. Sorry for the poor labelling, I really don't know how to watermark yet.

2. I folded pasted the edges of the folded parts, making sure that the round slot I left for the face paint pens are wouldn't have folded edges. When the glue dried up on the paper, I used single hole punchers to punch each side of the papers.

3. Lastly, I tied thin fuschia pink ribbons around the holes and inserted the face paint pens in the slots. You can print your invitation message on a different kind of paper, cut into shapes and paste it inside the invitation sheets. Or, if you're confident about your handwriting, then just plainly scribble your message using colored pens!

Try it, or share how you've done yours!

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