Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kitchen Beauty: Let Your Nail Polish Dry The Fastest

DIY mani and pedi? I'm sure at some point, you've been so impatient or in a hurry to wait for your nail polish to completely dry! I often do mani and pedi the morning before a night shift. Which means that I'd have to sleep afterwards to prepare for work. And then...hello hairline scratches! (Can you tell I'm OC?)

So if your favorite nail polish doesn't come in a quick dry variant, here's a solution I got from Drew's aunt!

Allow 5 minutes for a coat of nail polish to set and dip your fingers (/or toes) to iced water for as long as you can handle the cold, like this:

Once you remove your fingers (/toes), let the water dry naturally on your nails. You can wipe the rest of your hands (/feet) that got wet with a towel, by the way.

Repeat the process for succeeding coats of nail polish and allow longer dipping time for the last coat. Just remove and replace your digits if it's too cold for you!

After this, you can do the oil tip (applying oil to your nails to reduce friction with another surface) if you're really OC.

your every woman,


  1. That's really interesting. I hate hairlines on my nails as well. I'll definitely give this a try. :)

  2. It's really amazing! Your nail polish will be glossier than ever! :D