Friday, December 18, 2009

Guess What's New at The SM Megamall?

Haha! I'm not always the bearer of breaking news, but I got really excited when I saw this:

Etude House is here in the Philippines! I have learned about this cosmetic company through Cosmetic Candy and didn't think that it would open a store at one of my most frequented malls! Come to think of it...Skin Food and The Face Shop already have several branches here, so why not Etude House right?!

I'm definitely gonna check the store out when it opens! I've read Rowena's reviews on some of their products
here, here and here! I wasn't able to ask anyone at the place because I'm shy. And believe it or not, those men working on construction and interior design are all Koreans!

Guess I'm gonna have to just wait!

Love lots,


  1. I think I'm gonna faint! Their brushes are love and I want to try out all their stuff :D

  2. yey! i checked the website announcement, but they don't have a specific date e...basta 2009 daw! :)

  3. Etude House opened on 21 December. They have great stuff! Bought the milk tea facial wash and plumping lip gloss ;-)

  4. yeah! i've read from a latest post from rarevanity! she hauled quite a lot and my! are the products too cute and affordable to resist no?!