Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby Girls' Fashion

Do you have a baby girl at the moment? Don't you just love dressing them up?

I have previously posted some of my daughters OOTDs here. At the moment, my sense of style is displayed on her because my choices are too limited given the type of body I have. However, I never intended Ella to look entirely like a mini me. Have you seen kids wearing a smaller version of tube tops, minis and high heeled shoes? I personally think it steals the innocent look off the kids (-no offense meant). I want Ella to look her usual cute and baby self with style. Here are some of the staples in her wardrobe:

1. Empire Cut Dresses and Tops. Whether sleeved or sleeveless, they compliment babies physique given the big tummies they have (not the unhealthy big tummy kind...).

2. Baby Legs or Leggings. A multipurpose piece which I believe should be in any baby's closet! Even Suri Cruise wears them! They protect legs from wounds and insect bites during play while covering the nappy and accentuating the top. And, compared to denim pants which can sometimes be too stiff, these ones are stretchable and comfy enough for more movement.

3. Statement Tees. People love to look at cute little babies...More so if they're tshirts say something really catchy!

4. Shorts. I prefer cargo shorts with lots of pockets for Ella. It kind of balances the bulk of her waistline, plus, the pockets are convenient for her little somethings.

5. Spaghetti Strapped Tops. Ella was born with girly shoulders and I always like to see them.

6. Sweat shirts and long sleeved tops. Nice to keep handy for those airconditioned mall trips and late night outs.

7. Gold shoes or slippers. They always go with any color of outfit. We love one gold slippers from Snoopy. In fact, when Ella outgrew her first pair, we bought a larger 2nd pair. Too bad Snoopy said they've discontinued this model and only a few stores have stocks left. Second choice will be the peep toe gold shoes from Periwinkle.

8. Sneakers. Best for toddler play! Need I say more. You love sneakers on your feet!

9. Lastly, jewelry from my mom! Hehehe! So yeah, I' m adverstising in this bullet. But she's so fond of making little girls jewelry for my niece and daughter that they started to have a personality of their own! And they're being sold for your little girls too, so grab the chance!

Love lots,


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