Monday, August 24, 2009

A Visit to My Mom

We visited my mom's house yesterday for the town fiesta. I'm really happy bringing Ella there because that's the time she gets to show everything she learned. I love seeing the look on my relatives' faces especially my elder brother's when Ella does all of her "tricks". I feel that he must be very proud of me and his niece.

me and my siblings when we were kids...

Love lots,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Recent Packages

I bought another loot from Green Wellness' Human Heart Nature Line...

They're just soooo affordable I'm planning to keep them in the shower instead of commercial brands that not only ransack my purse but also contain harmful ingredients to us and mother Earth.

I also received my Charm Travel Brushes I prebought last June from Beauty and Minerals. It was delayed a bit but Ms. Sophie included freebies to make up for it and the brushes are definitely worth the wait!

It consists of the ff:
Blush Brush : for shading ( contouring ) and blush application
Powder Brush - for foundation and finishing powder application
Crease Blending Brush : for eyeshadow application and eyeshadow blending
Angled Brow Liner Brush : for shading the eyebrows and can also be used for eyelining
Concealer Brush : for precise concealer application ( this can also be used as an eyeshadow applicator )
Eyeshadow Brush : for eyeshadow application ( which can also be used for concealer application )
Pointed Liner Brush : for precise eyeliner application
Lip Brush : for applying lipstick and lipgloss

...and for just P850 inclusive of shipping during the prebuy, this is such a steal. I'm sooo glad I learned about it early. For those who didn't catch the prebuy season though, it's still available through the online store for P950 exclusive of shipping.

Love lots,

Drew Got Promoted!!!

Yes! Drew was promoted as a Communications Coach at our call center. I have no doubts he's gonna make it even on the first few legs of the promotion process. It's just an additional 3k on his basic salary, but 3k is still 3k! And he's not going to take in calls anymore, but monitor them.

And, as a congratulatory token, we bought this:

Neat huh?! Good looks and superb sound quality! Drew's gonna need them to listen to agent's calls more efficiently and it wouldn't hurt to use them on MP3 players and whatnots too! On sale at R3PUBL1C while stocks last. To know more, visit their multiply site.

Isn't it cool on Ella too?

Love lots,

Happy Birthday Lilay!!!

'Twas the birthday of my niece, Lilay, last Aug. 14 and we celebrated at their house on the 15th.

It was just a simple house party and everything (I think...) was just planned by my mom. It's ok because Lilay didn't seem to mind. Ella had a fun time there too!

Love lots,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Human Heart Nature Favorite #1: Mango Butter and Natural VitE Intense Moisture Hair Mask

Whew! That was a long! But my raves for this product could be longer!

The name of the product was interesting enough for me to buy it and I became glad I did. Not only does it have mango butter and vitamin E, but it also has peppermint which gives you a minty feel on your scalp for the whole duration of letting it stay on your hair. I'm sure patrons of hot oil and other hair treatments would agree how head aching it is to have your hair treated, shower capped and placed under the egg-shaped steamer right?! Ugh, the things we do for beauty! But this one's different, I even asked my hubby to try it when he was having a headache and it worked. Haha! hair right after a shower without the hair mask

My hair has gone through everything invented for hair that I can think of: rebonded, relaxed, permed, colored, cellophaned, ironed, teased, etc and I can only rely on moisturizing treatments to keep my hair healthy! I have tried minty hair treatments before and they have left me with the impression that adding mint would only give you that refreshing scalp feel but will not really make your hair any softer than regular conditioner. This one left me and hubby in awe! We instantly felt our hair became softer and smoother and hubby told me that my hair looks like it got volume while still maintaining it's natural straightness.

Since then, I've been using it every week on our day off! The scent even lingers until 2-3 days of use. Which makes me remember another comment from Drew...the one where he said "Ang bango mo bessy no? You smell like grandmama..." Like you, I thought he was mocking me, telling me I smell like grannies who fill their rooms with herbs and oils, so I slapped his arms. Apparently, he was just imitating a line Anastacia/Anya said in the cartoon about her grandmother's peppermint scent. And HE thought of THAT! hair, air dried after using the hair mask

See how shiny it is? for some frizz caused by static from my brush when I was drying it. I've been using this for 4 weeks now, as you can's almost empty! I will have to work up a list of things to buy with it the next time. Try it for yourself through GreenWellnes or visit the main website of Human Heart Nature!

Love lots,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ella CAN Sing!!!

My Ella can sing! At 1 year and 8 months...I can't believe it myself...check these out:


daddys-song mom & Ella, singers at heart

I’m just sooooooooooooooooo proud especially because her melody is correct isn’t it?!

Check out my imeem widget at the bottom of this page to play them while navigating this website!

(and btw, she was the one who composed Daddy's Song...)

Love lots,

Love Mother Earth Like Salt on Kitchen Beauty

When I came across this post from By Nature Handmade Soaps, the story "Love Like Salt" instantly came into my mind. I don't know how many people know this story but, it's the one where a king asked 2 of her daughters to describe the love they have for their father and while one said a lot of beautiful things, the other only said that she loves her father like salt. Enraged, the king didn't even wait for an explanation and sent the 2nd daughter away and disowned her. Then on one royal celebration, the 2nd daughter disguised herself as a cook and offered her services to the king. When the king tasted each of the entrees, they didn't taste as delicious as they were presented so he asked for the cook. The cook then explained that food without salt wouldn't taste anything, much like the 2nd princesses love for her father and revealed her true self. Well, that was a sharing that would seem like off topic, but then By Nature Handmade Soaps wants to share her love for mother earth by sharing this tip in cleaning silver jewelries:


Silver cleaners can be abrasive and harsh. Make your own cleaner for sterling (not plate) silver by mixing 560 ml (1 pint) of water with a teaspoon each of salt and baking powder and adding a strip of aluminum foil. Drop the silver into this mixture, boil for a few minutes, remove with thongs and polish with a soft cloth. Add lemon juice for really grimy silver.

Source: 1001 Little Ways To Save Our Planet by Esme Floyd

Nice one isn't it? Let's all share in the green bandwagon and S.O.A.P...Save Our Amazing Planet one step at a time.

Love lots,

Women's Magazines and the Media's Portrayal of Beauty

Hi! I've been reading a lot of women's magazines and I felt that had I been taught to constantly buy pre-teens, teens, and women's magazines as I was growing up, I would not have this teeny weeny confidence I have now. Everytime I read them, I envision myself exposing my daughter to some good reads when she gets older and probably subscribe her to one she likes. But then I came across these links:

Of the 2 links, I relate to the Beauty Fool's better because it doesn't really suggest we stop buying women's magazines. It only warns us of some of the negative effects women's magazines may cause to self-esteem especially to young women. Then comes in the mommy in me...
First and foremost, I believe it's the parents' job to keep children's self esteem. By constantly acknowledging all the good in our children, finding ways of effectively reinforcing positive behavior, eradicating bad behavior in a discreet and objective way, trying our very best never to display favoritism even if we ever favor a child or two, adapting our parenting styles to suit each of our children's personalities, and simply showing our children all the love in the world, we already give them multiple shots of self-esteem.

If that has already been established, then we can educate our children as to how the media portrays beauty in such a stereotypical way that certain procedures enumerated in Beauty Fool's post had to be done to deliver it. And then, the fun part comes daughter and I can work on make-up, contouring, highlighting, hair treatments, manicure, pedicure, facial, working out, staying healthy and glowing and every kikay stuff a girl can imagine! All in the right time! I'm so excited!

Love lots,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Hubby's Speakers Business

I feel bad that I haven't been posting recently. I have a lot of reasons that suck. First is, we have cable internet which happens to deliver a bad connection everytime there's bad weather. I am a tech support rep for cable Internet and it's just the same bad weather=bad connection equation here as in the US. Second, I can't think of anything to write that would be as important to me as everyone else. And third, Drew takes more computer and Internet time than usual because of his speaker business. He sells Altec and Edifier speakers that were sent back to the distributor's office because they can be any of the ff: phased out, used as model/testing units, missing a remote, cord or any peripheral, and has a worn out box or painting. The distributor sells it to him at a discounted price which in turns makes him sell it for around 30-50% off the market price. Here are some of the units he was able to sell previously...

If you are interested in any of these units, you can contact by hubby, DREW through phone numbers: 4941606 or 09159115238, email address:, ym: visit his tipidpc account under the name: demitri_66.

Better yet, just comment here! XOXO

Love lots,

Product Review: GIGA Ventures' Cold Rub

I've been lemming for an all-natural cold rub for my daughter and found one from GIGA ventures at the Greenhills Shopping Center but unfortunately I didn't have enough cash at the time. Good thing they reopened a booth at SM Megamall! Yey! I was able to score a tub of cold rub and lip balm from them. But because I've tried a lot of natural lip balms and they all worked well for my lips, I'm not going to review theirs anymore. Instead, let me show you their cold rub:

Cute isn't it? Too bad, it comes in only this size! But anyway, it's sooooooo minty! And the scent lingers longer than our good ol' Vicks Vapo-Rub, minus the harsh chemicals (see also to zoom ingredients list

And even though you apply some right under your nose just like how my grandma does whenever I had colds before, it doesn't have that stinging strength when smelled. It's more than just a cold rub too. I had hives 2 days ago which was very itchy. It was an allergic reaction on my end so I had to drink antihistamine to get rid of it, but of course, the itch doesn't go right away. And my, the minty sensation of GIGA Venture's cold rub soothed it!

I'd defintely buy again. Hope they come in really big tubs in the future!

Love lots,