Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Spirit of Gift Giving

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Christmas is unlike any other occasion because anyone can be worthy of receiving gifts.

Last year, I was overwhelmed by the many blessings the Lord had given us and I'd like to share those blessing by giving gifts to everyone in our family. I even collected natural soaps to give my closest friends but were not able to meet them. So my family had to consume the soaps before expiration.

This year, even though still blasted with blessings, I was unable to collect stuff to give my loved ones. It's because we spent a lot for things we wanted for ourselves that we failed to monitor the amount that will be left for us come Christmas time. I'm still thankful! And I would still love to share the blessings. That's why this time, I just try to keep in mind some of the things that would make my loved ones happy and get it for them when I can even if Christmas had already passed.

I'll be a hypocrite if I say it will not affect me if I didn't receive any gift. But it's not because of what I didn't receive. The way I was brought up: gifts=thoughtfulness=love. So my loved ones can give me just about anything as long as I feel they thought of/love me.

It's just sad that outside of this, there are still a lot of selfish people who don't understand the meaning of gift giving and receiving. Have you ever received one gift that came from 2 or more people? Have you ever thought why they had to tag as many names on the from line only to give you one gift? Could it be because they had to share the expense just to give you the gift you've been dreaming of? Or could it be because they wanted to be included in your list of people who gave you something and that the favor should be returned?

Whenever you give out gifts, does your recipient know why? Do you feel that they understand how that gift was carefully thought of because it is your token of love or appreciation for them? Or is it just another material thing they received, which could've been the best if it was something on their wish list?

Have you ever thought that not giving out gifts to your usual recipients would result in a sourness on their end? Or do you think that during their everyday encounter with you (which is most likely...), they 've understood how times could also be hard for you at the moment and that your affection and thoughtfulness is enough?

Somewhere in all of these questioning, I'm sure you know those who really understand the spirit of giving and receiving and those who don't. Do you feel that these people are still worthy of your love/affection/gift? the spirit of Christmas, YES!

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