Sunday, July 25, 2010

My New Stuff from Maybelline

This post is waaay overdue, but that's ok. These stuff have been widely reviewed over the Internet anyway...I'd just like to show how it fared on moi!

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in Honey

Honey is the darkest available shade in the line. It comes with a puff, but I misplaced it, thinking that I would be better off with just a brush. Goes on a bit yellow but has a transluscent matte finish. Coverage is sheer...Blemished skin would need foundation and or concealer under it as it was meant to be finishing/oil control powder in the first place. Oil control is so-so: about 2-4 hours on my combination skin, depending on the environment. Although, I haven't compared the difference between brush applied and puff applied. Has an almost unnoticeable cosmetic scent. Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic, my skin didn't break out with it (especially 'coz I used mineral foundation underneath). Has SPF 18. Packaging is compact and lightweight. This is very efficient and affordable at P199, perfect for those who simply wanted a little extra to the no make up look on a budget. Also available in Light, Nude Beige and Natural shades.

Maybelline Magnum Mascara in Black

I got interested with this mascara because I thought it would be a great alternative to getting eyelash extensions. I didn't like how the brush is soaked the whole time in the product while on display at the stores. It made me feel as if the brush is not as perfect as the patented yellow curved brush in the ads. Product seemed to have clumped on the brush upon opening also. I wouldn't have been too meticulous about it if I hadn't used Covergirl VolumeExact first, which displays the brush outside of the product tube in the packaging. I understand that a little clumping is necessary if you really want volume, so this mascara is quite good in that department when applied on the eyelashes. But since my lashes sparse and scattered, clumping is not a good idea for me. Well, that's just me. A rave on this product can be viewed here. This mascara didn't flake on me and is waterproof indeed. In fact I found it hard to remove with Etude House's eye make up remover. But that make up remover didn't work too well on anything, anyway. I also noticed that my lashes have grown a few more hairs and is quite longer after a couple of applications, could be because of the Collagen formula. This P429 mascara is worth finishing if you already bought one, but I'm gonna go back to my HG Covergirl Mascara after it. Only available in Black.

Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner in White Pearl

This is the best of the bunch...creamy and easy to apply. Just let it set about a couple of minutes after application and it should stand to its claims of being waterproof and smudge proof. I tried it on my waterline and it seemed to hold up until after my 9 hour work day, although not as pigmented compared to when it was applied. I'm dying to get Black to find out if the color would simply fade or if it will spread out on my oily lids and give me a racoon look. If it could be a good dupe to Urban Decay 24/7 liners, I'm getting all Chocolate, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Dark Purple and Gold colors! Each sold at P359. A review of this product in Black can be viewed here.

BTW, do you know that Maybelline products are now available through Sundance Direct Selling? Look for a nearest Sundance seller to find out all the Maybelline products you can purchase on an installment payment scheme!

your every woman,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our yaya bailed out again! And if you've been reading this blog, you'll know the many times we've had problems with helpers. Even then, I've been thinking about having a US family set-up where kids are left at day care the whole time the parents are at work. It will be the perfect set-up for us since we can't afford having one stay at home parent. Ella will learn how to co-exist with other people -children and adults, while learning how to read, write and all that stuff! She will also learn to be independent and that she cannot be the only one being attended too.

She's turning 3 this November. She already learned to control separation anxiety. She's already potty trained, both for number 1 and 2. She already drinks milk in a glass in the morning. She can work her way around with little supervision. The yaya set-up she grew up in is pretty much like the day care set-up with no mommy and daddy! ...But with more friends, more play, and more learning!

But now that I actually found a school, just a ride away from our house, that offers this kind of set-up... I want to know, is it really for us? Has anyone been through the same set-up? What are your pros and cons?

This development is scary, and a risky decision to make! Like I always said, parents decisions can make or break their children's future...I wouldn't want to break Ella's!

your every woman,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nestle Fitnesse' 14 Day Program

Update 08/06/2010: The 14 day period had passed but there still isn't any photo worthy difference on my figure, so I can't show off my shape yet. But there's already some personal satisfaction based on how my clothes fit better! I am going to continue the program until I get my desired shape...Plus exercise, which I haven't found time to do just yet!

I've gained too much weight and inches since my pregnancy with Ella and I've always blamed it on the CS delivery. Truth is, when I compare my photos from Ella's christening to my current photos, I realized that I'd have to put all the blame on me. So now that I've met a lot of women who went through pregnancy and CS delivery and still looked fabulous, I decided to challenge myself with Nestle Fitnesse' 14 day program!

The 14 day program suggests a low calorie, high fiber diet and replacing breakfast and one other meal with 30g of the cereal plus 125ml skim/low fat milk. Let's see how it works for me!

your every woman,