Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday To Me!!!

Now That I'm 25, I'd like to challenge myself on treating you to 25 fun facts about me...(As if you'd be interested! Lolz! But here it comes anyway...)

1. I'm a frustrated singer, dancer and theater artist. People I've met in school knows this!

2. I love Aegis's songs! ...But especially when Sarah Geronimo sings them!

3. Back in college, I lied about my age. I know! But here's why: I met a couple of girls on my first day of college and I told them "ung mga un parang ang tatanda na dito" while pointing to a group of other girls. By that, I meant that they seem to be sooo familiar with the school while our group obviously looked newbies. Toni, who later turned out to be our class secretary answered, "repeater!" That hit me, even though I wasn't a repeater because I stopped a year after High School for a shot at the US with my mom that never happened. Toni eventually had to ask for birthdays for the class directory and when I answered my birthday, I didn't get the chance to say the year because she assumed it's 1985 based on common birth year of the students taking 1st year college. And I, remembering the "repeater" incident, decided not to take it back and lived the rest of my life in that lie to them....Sorry!

4. I made a song back in 2002 entitled "Iisang Mithiin" which is a song for a pro-life advocacy. That song won 2nd place at the ProLife Philippines' inter-school song writing competition and got to be included in the "Himig, Buhay at Pag-Ibig" CD sold at ProLife Philippines, St.Paul's and other Catholic/Christian stores.

5. I can search for basic notes on the piano and guitar enough to play melodies, but not enough to play good music.

6. I am more fascinated with the beauty of women than men. But I am not a lesbian and Drew is the most handsome man in the world!

7. I know how to properly use Maxi Peel and it worked for me. Back in High School, I would steam my face first and extract blackheads, not minding if it scars as long as I get everything out of my face. Then I'd moist a cotton ball with 2nd strength of Maxi Peel and applied it on my face, 3 times a day for 2 days. Then I will use a mild, non abrasive cleanser on my face for the next 4 days, never force peeling dead skin. On the night of the fourth day, I will soak my face with petroleum jelly making sure it doesn't get to my bedsheets and wash it off with apricot scrub the next day. I finish it with a light moisturizer and keep myself from touching my new skin in 1 week. The result? Baby smooth skin that shows my natural skin color, a medium tan with undertones that fall between pink and yellow. Beware, because this can only be done if you can keep yourself from going out of the house for a whole week. The sun will do more harm than good on a Maxi Peel soaked face

8. I look up to by older brother, Eric...even though some might think he's not that type. In fact, I find myself approving to anything he approves of.

9. I'm very good at lying back in my school days. I am very detailed with what I process in my mind that it believes even those that did not really happen. But mind you, I don't lie anymore now. I guess it wouldn't work anymore because of lack of practice, teehee!

10. I never liked alcoholic beverages. I don't understand how people can get addicted to them! They taste bitter, they give you a headache, make you throw up and is bad for the health! I only drank when I was younger because everyone was doing it and I thought I'd look cool.

11. I love rhum in fruitcake and black forest cakes though!

12. Drew is the only man I liked that's chubby. And I'm sure I'm still gonna like him if he were skinny...He's just that good-looking for me!

13. I love children, but only the cute and clean ones. My good friend, Bernice made me realize this and I'm admitting it to my face now. I don't hate the others though, I would just not give too much attention. It doesn't make me bad, does it?

14. I have eczema on my ankles that can't be cured for the last 6 years! I hate it! I can't wear skirts and shorts because of it!

15. I have a fetish for tickly things since I was a baby.

16. I don't like drinking water but I can drink liters over liters of juice everyday.

17. I became an apprentice for the Teatro Tomasino for 1 semester. My first (and turned out to be the only...) job there was make up artist.

18. My favorite color is red...even though it doesn't show too much.

19. My favorite cuisine is Italian.

20. I would love to be a vegetarian because 1.) I love fruits and veggies and 2.) it's good for my eczema. However, it would be costly since I'd need to have a different budget for myself from the rest of the family.

21. I have stage fright and I fear people.

22. I can live without any entertainment gadget like pc, tv and radio if I can just sing all day.

23. I hate lizards, or any gooey living creature.

24. I am half Malaysian and my real name is Lim Bianca Helen.

25. I dream of being glamorous and being a woman that socially matters rather than stay as simple as I am now.

Love lots,


  1. happy bday bessy...I will always love you! ^_^

  2. ---thats me...drew ^_^ i dont know how to comment on this...sorry ^_^labshu