Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Will You Be With This Holiday Season?


Well, it's not really a battle...Haha! But it's a dilemma I'm sure every budding family went through, especially if each biological family is expecting your family to celebrate with them. And who's to decide who to be with? Will there ever be a more rational explanation to pick one over the other?

If I'm not mistaken, we compromised to spend Christmas with my family and spend New Year with hubby's family last year. I'd like to keep it that way, but the Estandartes are going to Subic this Christmas and Drew and Ella would love to come along. So I guess it's a turnover this time.

How about you? Did you have to go through this kind of decision making? How do you make the decision?

Love lots,


  1. Growing up we'd spend christmas breakfast and morning with one side of the family and lunch and the afternoon with the other side. Now I'm not usually in the same country, grown up a wee bit and am travelling, so the past two christmases were spent with my partners family. I think going forward I'll just spend them with my favourite people from whatever part of the world I happen to be in :) I hope you enjoy your Christmas day and eve :)

  2. i did! yey! i hope you did too! i see ur from australia...i'm not too familiar with ur culture, but here, it seems like half a day is not enough for one family...and family rivalry as well as close family ties are taken very it's quite a dilemma, but we already learned to work with it! :)