Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spent Two Days Off at La Luz Batangas

...my family @ La Luz Beach Resort

Tonsillopharyngitis did not stop me from joining my workmates' outing to La Luz, a beach resort in Batangas. I didn't want to at first, but imagining my daughter in her cute swimsuit, playing on the beach under the sun gave me enough energy to go.

My workmates chose 2 adjacent premiere lofts and took advantage of the resort's buffet food package so that we wouldn't think of anything else but fun, fun, fun! We did have fun, except for a few minor problems with transportation, but since we're talking about a potential vacay spot for families, I'd like to continue with reviewing the resort itself.


1. The resort has their own website. So for people like me who don't find it too amusing to keep on asking, then this is really a pro for us ----all your questions asked!!! LOL

2. The set up is beautiful, even the accomodations are beautifully planned...from the bedrooms and restrooms, to the dining place and the cavanas. I must congratulate the designer.

3. The food served at the buffet were not limited. And even though they're not really of the fine dining type, they at least have this "lutong bahay" flavor in them. Our personal favorite was the chicken barbeque dish...yum!

4. Rates of stay, food and activities are vey affordable, especially if you're travelling with a group.


1. Even though the accomodations are beautiful, some were not strategically planned. The loft's ceiling gives off hot air in high noon to early afternoon. I hope they could insulate the loft ceilings better.

2. It gets to be too boring in the evening. Well actually it was boring the whole day if you don't exert effort to entertain yourself. LOL! I mean, the resort doesn't offer programs, bands or any kind of gimik to keep the environment alive. Well, maybe because I'm still young, came in with a bunch of youngsters, and have been to puerto galera and boracay that's why I was looking for something lively. The owners might have intended La Luz to be a place to relax, thus the quiet ambiance. Plus, inadequate lighting is provided for the beach at night, so night swimming is almost a no, no!

3. The place is too far from Manila. Maybe a good thing for those who really want to "get away", but not for me.

4. The beach consists of pebbles and the ocean ground of rocks...really painful! I just thought of reflexology to try to appreciate what's under my feet. The pebbles/rocks conduct heat from the sun big time too...ouch!

5. Our rooms' toilet's flush was not working, but the likelihood of anyone getting the same room as ours is pretty slim... so good luck. Or they may have already fixed it after our complaint, who knows?

Overall, I give it a 2 out of 5. I was thankful to my workmates for being in that place because my family did enjoy while not having to spend too much. However, if I'd have to use my own money, I'd rather treat my family to a resort in Boracay (I love Boracay!)...or Dakak, if I have a lot!

Love lots,


  1. ang dami talgang mgaganda sa batangas
    pati dito sa sto.tomas
    kaya sa darating na halalan si Arman Sanchez ang iboboto ko,
    im proud to be batangueno

  2. thanks for dropping by! we're thinking about going to club punta fuego this year too... :D