Monday, August 22, 2011

A Sweet Dupe: Chicboy's Turones Caramel Sauce

You know what? Before Chicboy came up with this turones dip, we've loved a similar concoction from a man selling kutsinta at the Boni MRT. He smothers his kutsinta with a thicker version of this caramel and it was sooo delicious. Drew's mom asked him how he made the sauce and he said, he simply had to boil a can of condensed milk. I don't know if cans have BPA, but there must be something unhealthy about boiling something inside a can, don't you think?

I can't say my version is the easiest way to do it because I've wasted about 3 cans of condensed milk just to get the desired result. And oh, the agony of having to wait for the condensed milk to turn brown!!! Might as well get them from Chicboy (They sell turones for P35 with a small serving of sauce and you can always ask for extra!).

Anyway, this is how I did it:


1 small can condensed milk
hot water

1. Place any kind of pan over low fire. Pour all the contents of condensed milk on it.

2. Heat the condensed milk while stirring constantly. If you feel that the sauce is getting too thick, pour around 1/4 cup of hot water on it. NOTE: Be sure that the water is really hot. I tried regular tap water and ended up getting hard caramel candy!
3. Continue with step 2 until you get the desired brown-ness of your caramel. After this, pour the last 1/4 cup of hot water, stir until somewhat saucy in consistency and turn off the heat on your stove.

4. Let it cool.

This is basically just burnt condensed milk, you know? So if you want the taste to be more milky, don't brown it too much. If you want more flavor, burn it some more. But more importantly, decide if you really want to make it, haha!

And for the presentation:

Will you marry me?

YOUR every woman,


  1. wow, you just proposed! =)

    i've tried boiling some condensed milk, intact in its can, for two hours as an ingredient for the banofee pie. yes, the caramel is so delicious but i also had some reservations whether it's safe to boil it that way. maybe you could also try to put the condensed milk in a double boiler and see how it goes? i've thought of it just now and haven't actually tried that procedure, yet. maybe you can try it and post the result here in your blog? =)

  2. hahaha! i was trying to be sweet...

    i would like to try that! however, i googled what a double boiler is and sad to say, i don't have present maybe? the method looks promising!