Monday, November 9, 2009

Got My Dream Planner: Belle De Jour Power Planner

I have always been a planner kind of girl. I wanted my time and everything in my life to be managed well. In fact, if things don't go the way I planned they would, I get upset! Yeah! I'm OC like that.

I've loved the Starbucks 2006 planner when it was given to me by my good friend, Kara. However, I don't find their beverages fancy enough for their prices. Thus, I see no reason to keep drinking just to collect stickers and redeem planners year after year.

I heard about the Belle De Jour Power Planner when 2008 was about to end. Since then, I have wanted to own one. However, I didn't think my hubby would agree about buying it, especially if he knew how much it was. So I settled for notebooks I'd draw calendar layouts, write headers about "Things To Do", "Budget" and "Goals", and basically plan the rest of my year on. (...Have I told you I'm OC?)

Now that I am more financially liberated, I browsed the BDJ website once more and realized that Php 598 doesn't cost too much for a very detailed, stylish and organized planner. I was determined to get it. I even placed it in the "To Do List" of my notebook.

I registered for the BDJ circle and found out they are giving a 5% discount for members who buy the 2010 planner. There was a button that says something about claiming the discount and I clicked it. It asked for shipping information but I was having second thoughts then. I haven't consulted Drew. I quit the page, not realizing that it was submitted anyway, until I received a confirmation earlier.

I asked Drew and he said we can't afford it at the moment because he needed to sustain his speakers business. So I had to reply to the mail, informing BDJ sales about the mistake I did on their website. I was almost in tears until Drew came to my workstation with this:

Isn't he the sweetest?!!! Now I'm excited to end the year. It hasn't been a good year for our friends

Love lots,


  1. i just bought my first belle de jour planner, isn't it the best? :)

  2. definitely! i hope the line lasts all the way 'til my daughter needs it! that's how cool it is!