Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Thoughts Before the Year Ends

I was a bit alarmed with the things that happened this year: Death of popular and inspirational people...Spread of disease...Numerous natural calamities...It makes me remember some readings on the Bible about certain events that would lead to the second coming. Scary, I know! But it's not the judgement I'm scared about. It's what I may not be prepared for. I must admit, I don't have much faith in what my religion (or anyone else) says is supposed to happen. I'm not sure how to prepare myself or my family. This is an area in me that makes me really sad. Lots of what ifs in here...

I really like this year's ABS-CBN Christmas station ID and the whole "Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko" thing. I'm a tearjerker and it makes me cry everytime each "Bro" mini-clip is aired on tv because they really touch my heart. It's amazing of ABS-CBN to have come up with those! Are you like me? The kind of person who takes viewing seriously and feel for it? That is the reason I don't like watching tv too much. What I watch really leaves an effect on me --good or bad!

I feel bad for not having a dialect. I'm old enough to realize that the "Bisaya" people are not to be mocked. And that, it's actually cool to speak something not everyone understands. Picture this, you grow into an environment that speaks a foreign language, your family speaks your your dialect at home, everyone speaks English as 2nd and universal language and you speak your native main language in your country and with your countrymen. You kinda become multilingual, even if it's all 4 languages/dialects you know how to communicate with. Does that make you smart? You decide!

I wonder where or from whom the universal standard for beauty came from. Although it may be true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, media suggests that the universally beautiful people have these qualifications: tall, slim, clear skin, high bridged nose, shiny and flowing hair, big boobs/chest, big behind, muscled/flat abdomen, toned arms and legs, staright teeth, etc. Some other qualities depend on certain parts of the world, more often depending on what the people don't have: fair vs. tan skin, small Asian eyes vs big, round and deep set eyes, blonde vs brunette, straight haired vs. curly haired, etc. Come to think of it, if the first most influential people thought that you are most beautiful if you are everything the opposite of the above, then a percentage of the population wouldn't feel so ugly right? ...Sometimes, that includes ME.

Happy New Year peeps!

your every woman,


  1. The phrase "everyone speaks English" is indeed a nonsense.

    More people speak Mandarin Chinese than English.

    You might as well say "everyone speaks Chinese". Indeed, what a nonsense.

    Why not decide on a neutral non-national language, taught worldwide, in all nations? As a native English speaker, I would prefer Esperanto :)

    Your readers may be interested in

    A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at

  2. thank you! but while i do know that mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, the phrase "everyone speaks English" was just a hyperbole for MY THOUGHT at the time (as suggested by the title) because it's universal...