Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your Man on Make Up

Happy Sunday people! How are you doing today?

I don't know about you, but my hubby doesn't like it when I wear make up. You see, I have always loved make up since I was a kid. But when my hubby met me, I was battling financial issues causing me not to spend even a single centavo for make up. I also never talked about it then. And because of the whirlwind romance that we had, he only found out my love for make up as we were financially getting better.

He doesn't flat out hate it though. It's just that, you'll notice an irritated look just as I start priming my face and preparing my stuff. That same irritated look shows up when I'd check out make up counters on our visits to the mall. He'd rather indulge me in food and travel rather than approve my whims when it comes to make up. There was even a time when we fought about the time I spent prettifying myself for our daughter's first birthday! He said he'd rather see me doing make up on other people instead of on myself. But how can I be confident in coloring people's faces when I can't even perfect a smokey eye on myself?

And because he loves me enough to get the hang of it and can even be seen being proud of me as I pursue one of my loves, I still don't feel very comfortable. This is one of the reasons I almost never do my make up at home (aside from having a 2-year old who also wants to have her face colored as well...). I'd just take a bath, cleanse, tone, moisturize and sun-block my face before leaving and will continue with the rest at the office, which is not good, but I can't help it. Whenever I'm out with the hubby, it's mostly gonna be just lip and cheek tint for me.

Well, I'm just sharing. And it's not really a problem. It's just one spice of our lives. I have a friend at work who never liked being made up, but her husband encourages her to be. So I guess our husbands, like every human being, tends to want something they don't have.

So how about you? How does your man react to your being irresistibly vain?

your every woman,


  1. Wow, I'm so grateful my guy doesn't mind when I spend 30 minutes primping! I guess he's pleased when I look good.

    I think your husband should be more supportive of your makeup habits since you love it so much. I'm glad you can at least wear lip and cheek tint, haha.

  2. he always says he likes me better without make up, which is flattering...but make up is not just about prettifying one's self, it's an art.