Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Should Win a Pair of VNC Shoes

I may sound a bit greedy
As this is already my second entry
But I can't help but be needy

For pair of shoes that is a beauty

So now I post ten reasons
Of why I should take the prize

To help you with your decision

And picking me would seem so wise

1. Because I'm a mommy and Mothers day is fast approaching...

2. Because I plan the budget and I know there isn't enough for a new pair of shoes in the next couple of months...

3. So that my daughter would have another pair to try and act mommy:

4. Because to be honest, these are the only shoes I interchange everyday:
5. Because all the shoes above are budget shoes, and I've never had a branded one...
6. Because it's difficult to find a good pair in my size of 5 1/2...

7. Because I didn't have a good shoe story to tell for
The Red Shoes contest when I entered...
8. So that I'll have something to look forward to instead of thinking about sad cold nights at the call center...

9. Because I took the time and actually thought of this entry even though I'm a busy working mother...

10. Because I would really love to have a pair of VNC shoes...please?

I hope the 10 reasons I presented here
Could win the prize I want so dear
But celebrating your website's year
by far, the best reason to cheer!

Happy Anniversary Animetric's World!!!

your every woman,


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