Monday, September 14, 2009

Help Mio Fight Cancer

Some of my friends already know that I have been through a lot. Especially that one part of my life when I had a son and lost him after a month and 5 days. Everything in between are just details. Those who knew understood how much pain I went through before being able to reach this blessed state of my life.

Now, after going through my daily blog roll, I came across Jasmine, a mommy as determined as I was to save her precious 5 year old boy, Mio. I was so affected when I learned about them. It's like everything is coming back to me. Unfortunately, I am not financially capable of supporting them. I can't even afford to purchase the beauty products on sale at Beauty For a Living wherein proceeds will go to Mio's leukemia treatment.

But maybe anyone of you can. Let us all find ways of helping Mio and his mom fight cancer. To know more about their story visit

Thank you.

Love lots,

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  1. please support Mio fights cancer! the benefit concert on Oct.9, 2009 at 8pm, music museum greenhills. Ticket prices are at 700p,500p, will also help support mio's chemomates. Lets give these kids a chance to live a full life.Support this worthy cause.Thank you!