Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ella Says "I Love You"...And Means It

We have taught our daughter to respond correctly to what other people says or does...like saying "thank you" for favors done for her, "please" whenever she's requesting for anything, "I'm sorry" whenever she hurt others, "excuse me" when she needs way and "i love you too" in response to an "i love you" said to her. We were very much pleased when she learned how to say them, much more when she LEARNED WHAT THEY MEANT!

For "please", "thank you" and "I'm sorry", Ella would usually wait for the "What will you say?" cue. Yesterday, while Drew and I were looking for a foldable matress for our helper at SM Megamall, Ella got stuck between two piles of mattresses. A couple who were checking the mattresses were blocking her way out. All of us were surprised when Ella said "e-cute me" in a loud voice for them to let her pass. We were sooo proud! Everyone around knew what a darling our daughter is!

And just because I'd have to save the best for last...Yesterday, as soon as Ella woke up in the morning, she was smiling and saying "I tab-u too mommy" repeatedly. That was actually not the first time she said it on her own. And not only to me, but also to her dad. Whenever she does, her eyes tell us "I'm happy to have you here!". She even adds a kiss or a hug or both sometimes!

I know Ella may not know love to an extent that older people do. But knowing that she needs her mom and dad and seeing her sooo happy when we're around already counts as a toddler's understanding of what love is.. .simple and innocent!

How about you, do you remember the first time you kids said "I love you"?

Love lots,