Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rants on Barenaturals Gel Liners

Disappointed is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about my Barenaturals gel liners!

I was so excited when I visited the Barenaturals website and I learned that they already have gel liners. Knowing that Barenaturals is already a trusted brand in mineral make up, I didn't wait for a review on the product. Instead, I ordered it as soon as a reseller (who also happens to be the person I get my Human Heart Nature products from) got stock.

(L-R) pure, mixed w/ Ellana mpm in ethereal, applied powder primer on top, very thin line

The website originally said it was "waterproof and smudge-proof" whereas the packaging said "Indelible Gel Liner". Unfortunately, indelible for them was more of a rip-off than the indelible ink used in marking voters thumbs.

I trusted the product's brand too much not to make swatches on my hands first before applying it for the first time on my eyes. Imagine how much black I had around my eyes when I started blinking! Oh well, like what my husband said, what could I expect from something originally packaged by a Korean Company in its language covered by a sticker branded Barenaturals.

I coursed the issue through my reseller who contacted the supplier and they said that they already changed the description on the website based on the swatches they themselves have done. When you check the website, it now says "Ultra long wearing formula...". Ok....but it does wear -IN MINUTES! They even said that they found out that the formulation is the same as eyeliners in tubes and may need to be applied in a VERY thin line, adding that "ung mga eyeliner naman sa tube manipis lang tlga dapat e..." (I'm guessing they mean liquid eyeliners as the consistency of the product is really watery.).

marks it made when I placed the back of my right hand over my left hand after 5 mins as I don't intend to close my eyes longer than that...

smeared by my dry fingers after 10 mins

on my eyes after 5 minutes

Thin line or not, I believe I have tried everything. I already tried keeping the lid of the gel liner jar open to maybe dry out some of the oils that could've been making it smear too much. I also tried applying transluscent primer powder on top...tried mixing it with my Ellana mpm in avail. And if you think that my lids may just be too frying pan oily, I even tried swatching it multiple times at the back of my hands using the techniques I mentioned but it just doesn't have staying power, period! And for me, if anyone will ever be able to find a technique that would work, it wouldn't be worth all the hassle. Maybe keeping it as an eyeshadow base for black days can compensate for wasting money.

I also feel sad for my reseller for stocking up on this and those who have bought it already. P359 is P359 and just a couple more could buy me a foolproof gel liner from somewhere else. It could've been better if the Barenaturals people tried the product out first before giving a press release. They might've found it with too low quality enough not to sell. I don't know if it will ever work for someone else, I sure hope so.

So much for that and on to my never ending journey of finding a good but affordable eye liner...

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  1. Hi! I had the same issues with my BN "indelible" liner.
    It's true, it does not smudge... It SMEARS!!! =(

    I tried swatching fine lines of it on my hand, and the liner still smeared after more than 20 minutes!!!! I tried playing around with the liner as a base of smoky looks... I don't know if you've tried it yourself but I really don't recommend doing so. It goes all over the place and getting it to even out is a pain.

    I don't know if this will work for you, but I finally found a way to make mine work. I dip the brush and roll just the sides of it and get rid of all excess product before application. I actually, draw and sort of "dot" mine right on the lashline in a very very fine line. (Actually, it is more of right on the base of my lashes) I try not to blink for a little bit to allow time for the liner to dry. The look is really natural and the liner does not smudge. (In my case, it did not smudge AT ALL even after several hours of a dramatic crying jag. The liner managed to stay intact the entire day sans primer.)
    Don't know if this will work for you but I hope it helps. =)

  2. i can try that and if it still doesn't work, i'll just return reseller contacted BN and was offered a replacement...haven't had the chance to return mine though...try mo rin isoli ung sayo sis...

  3. Woah! I've been putting off ordering this one from BN since I still have some liquid eyeliners in my collection though I was really ecstatic to find out that someone sells gel liners at a good price. After reading your review, I might just scratch it off my to buy list. It's too bad that the product doesn't live up to Ms. Lami's claims. But I guess my savings will be smiling and giggling at me. Thanks for a very honest review.

  4. try Dollface Cosmetics gel liners!

    i have the one in brown. its only P375 if im not mistaken and the shipping is only P50. i have the brown one and its rry rry nice. long lasting, highly pigmented, fluid, easy to apply, easy to remove.

    its a very good dupe of MAC Fluidline (which i also have). swear! im going to review that in my blog soon.

  5. yeah! i actually hated myself for picking this one over Pearl's gel liners just because I also bought other products from the same reseller. But I will, I will get my hands on of those Dollface Cosmetics gel liners someday!