Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Project Beauty 2009: A Basic Makeup Workshop

I am a make-up enthusiast. But it doesn't mean I know everything about it. I do love it but not as much as the make up artists and beauty bloggers I look up to. Still, I yearned to learn a lot more from them as I follow their blogs and try out their fotd's on myself (--something I haven't had much pride about enough not to post an fotd of myself anywhere!). And then it's announced...

Oooh I would really love to join! It's just that my inferiority complex is getting the best of me again. I'm sure the people who would take advantage of such workshops will be make up addicts with more make up, tools and expertise than I am. Somebody convince me please!!!

Anyway, according to the announcement the following beauty bloggers/make up artists will be gracing the event:

Sophie Uy (www.beautynomics.com )
Lee Shen Gee ( www.shensaddiction.com )
Jamie Paunan ( www.mizzmakeup.com )
*with special participation of Briggite Santos of Abubots.com, subject to availability :)

Here are some of the details...

When : ( pick one date ) October 4, 2009 ; October 24, 2009; November 7, 2009
Time : ( pick one timeslot ) 9am - 1pm ; 2:30 -6:30pm
Where : To be emailed to participants, in Banawe, QC area
Course Fee : P 2,300/head, inclusive of snacks and handouts
Slots Available : 10 slots per schedule

for more information as well as sign up instructions, please refer to this post.

Hope I can have a friend to tag along so I won't be intimidated. Anyone?!

Love lots,


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