Thursday, September 24, 2009

Human Heart Nature Favorite #2: Tomato Toner

I have always liked the effect toners leave on my face: pores visibly minimized after a couple of days, dead cells removed for a cleaner beauty-products-and-make-up-ready face and sometimes, a lighter and more even complexion. But then I'd notice some tightening especially in the skin around my lips that would eventually lead to chapped lips (I'm assuming that since my skin lost it's moisture, it hoards on the natural moisture my body sends out, leaving my lips with less...). Turned out, dryness was caused by the alcohol in toners.

I tried to look for non-alcohol toners but found very expensive ones, until I came across Human Heart Nature. This one's actually the first product that caught my fancy from their line remembering a pricey tomato toner review by liz of projectvanity.

-This one smells like fresh tomatoes, just as one is getting them ready for a feast of tilapia or red eggs. *Yum*
-It doesn't sting at all!
-It effectively cleans without drying your face because of it's virgin coconut oil component, which is something you can smell when you're almost done and the tomato scent has faded.
-Has the same pore minimizing effect as regular toners
-Very affordable at P89.75 per 100ml bottle.
-Helps heal pimples.
-Has Vitamin C, which is known to help lighten skin. Haven't visibly seen a lightening effect on myself though, but the Human Heart Nature doesn't claim it to be a whitener.
-Keeps oil at bay. I have combination skin but the oils from the T-zone tend to spread out to other areas. With this toner, I still get oily in the t-zone, but it stays there (as seen on my "bangle" pic at the Multiply Artisan Bazaar...-NO RETOUCH SINCE MY 1:00 AM SHIFT 'TIL I GOT THERE!)

The only thing I don't like about it is that it's only available through direct selling. But that only makes it more affordable than commercial brands, so I'm shutting up. Moreover, I have a really good and trusted seller Jo-An!

Have you ever tried this or any non-alcohol toner? How is it working for you?

Love lots,


  1. Wow, thanks for the review. I'm actually thinking if I'm gonna buy this toner.