Monday, September 21, 2009

"Rock"-in at The Multiply Artisan Bazaar

Drew's sister, Denise, grabbed a booth at the Multiply Artisan Bazaar to share her jewelry creations to the public. Her collection is different from what my mom offers in an "I-can't-describe-how" way. You should be able to understand me when you visit her website. ...hubby and me at the entrance

I even got to design a bangle during that event ---FOR FREE!

...designing my own bangle at Party Painter's corner gold and orange bangle! Can you see "Soleil" painted in?
My purchase from Babinski baby...

There were lots of other Multiply sellers who participated in the event. Unfortunately, hubby has to prevent me from buying a lot because of some salary disputes I'd still have to take care of.

Some of the sellers I was able to notice, based on my cobwebbed memory, are:

Mineraux Skin Perfecting Make Up
Cuteture Glitterati
Urban Baby
Osama Shawarma
Naked Sun
Kathang Kamay
Planet Noah

If you still haven't dropped by, you may want to do that now because the event's extended until TODAY ONLY! For more info, please visit the
Rockwell Multiply Artisan Bazaar website.

Love lots,


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