Friday, September 4, 2009

Will The Next Internet Service Provider Please Stand Up?!

My hubby and I worked as a technical support representative for Internet service and I feel envy for most of the people we troubleshoot for. Why? Because first, as standard service they get a maximum download speed of 7Mbps and upload speed of 512 kbps. Here in the Philippines, we're lucky if we get at least 1Mb from the most basic service. And our counterparts call for slow Internet connection, hah!

Another is because we have a line testing tool that would tell us what's going on with our customer's Internet service. Thus giving us an average of 15 minutes to resolve an issue, especially if the other person is not difficult giving instructions to. Our technical support representatives here doesn't even know how to fix our problem. *Sigh* I can blame 'em. The international call centers already hired the best *ehem, ehem*. (LOL)

Well, going to the actual issue...I REALLY HATE HOW DESTINY CABLE'S INTERNET SERVICE IS VERY SLOW AND INTERMITTENT!!! We rarely complain about the speed, but then we noticed that the Internet gets cut off even with a slight drizzle! Taking it the Filipino way, we'd usually just stop using the Internet 'til the next sunny day and that is practically how we keep up with the kind of service Destiny provides. But eventually, Internet connection was stopping even though it wasn't raining. We called technical support several times and all they could do is ask for details and schedule a technician to come over. We were able to accept one appointment and it did help with the service for quite some time until we began calling again for the same issues.

Now, when you dial technical support, the phone will just keep on ringing. (Technical support of Destiny cable works at home, btw.). Lately, the purpose of our calls is to terminate our supposedly 1 year contract with them, but nobody's responding. So yes, they did disconnect our service for non-payment. Drew and I are thinking about ignoring the whole rigamaroo, even though our names will be at stake because we don't know if all the hassle is really worth keeping our names clean from their company. Our schedule and responsibilities give us very little time to take care of these things other than over the phone.

Right now, we're seeking service from Globe. We're thinking about taking advantage of their phone service too so we can let go of our Bayantel Wireless and save up big time. But Globe doesn't take us seriously because we do all of our transactions over the phone. It's been 3 weeks and we haven't heard their car stop by for an installation.

This is terrible! How will I continue blogging effectively if I don't have my own Internet? How will my hubby continue with his online business? So please, can anybody recommend a better Internet service package?

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