Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Reviews That Bought Me: Baby Products Edition

When I became pregnant with Ella, I didn't know anything. I had to research online and read a lot of parenting and child-care books to know what I know now. It was then when Smart Parenting Magazine's Online Forum was of great help. I have a mommy and hubby has a mommy too, but the forum gave unbiased advice from mommies who don't personally know each other, which was very effective. That website jumpstarted my yearning to find more parenting information online. So far, here's what I purchased from what I've read:

Bioneem Insect Bite ointment from Smart Parenting Magazines Online Forum

Clears bumps and dark marks caused by insect bites as soon as the next day!

Ilogmaria Propolis Ointment from Smart Parenting Magazines Online Forum

Heals wounds the right way. I even posted about how it healed by daughter's wound without scarring here!

Ascof Lagundi as reviewed by The Meticulous Mommy

This is so guilt-free effective that I even posted about how it worked for my daughter.

Cornstarch as recommended by Ms. Darlene of By Nature Handmade Soaps

Definitely better and more affordable than commercial baby powders!

Baby Sling as recommended by Dr. Sears

I really loved my baby wearing days with Ella! It helped me bond with her while doing some house chores! I loved it sooo much, I also posted about the advantages of baby wearing here!

BPA free bottles as recommended by Safe Mama

Because of choosing these bottles, I know I'm one step ahead in preventing illnesses from attacking my daughter when she grows older!

As a mother, I am always researching. And these will not be the only products I'll get to patronize from the Internet. I'm sure there'll be more! Anything you'd like me to try?

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