Sunday, November 1, 2009

A "Greener" Way to Cure Cough

It's inevitable that Ella catches the usual cold and cough every now and then because of constant weather changes and her ever so hyper energy (--read KALIKUTAN). When we bring Ella to the doctor for a check up, we would usually be adviced to give her Asmalin or Solmux.

I never really liked the effect those medicines have on her. Asmalin causes short of breath while Solmux forces Ella to expel cough by throwing up. Both don't give her peaceful sleep at night which makes her all cranky in the morning. Thus, she loses appetite and weight.

The last time Ella had a terrible cough, I decided to buy Ascof Lagundi without prescription, thinking that she's turning 2 anyway. I followed the recommended dosage and guess what? No more coughing in 5 days! And no messy and stinky vomit at that!

Did Ella learn to spit phlegm properly? No! I believe Ella got rid of phlegm through poop, which is the 2nd way children her age expels them.

What I'm most happy about that decision to let Ella take Ascof Lagundi is that it's all natural. I feel like it's just a concentrated and flavored version of our grandma's Lagundi concoction back in the days! Now, I don't have to worry about Ella losing weight again, especially because she's going to celebrate her birthday in a month's time.

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