Saturday, February 6, 2010

Your Man On Make Up: A Change Of Heart

Remember how hubby felt about make up? Well, he finally understood how much I love make up when a friend from a photography group at our office suggested that I try putting my make up to good use by painting their subjects faces before a shoot!

I'd really really love to be that group's official make-up artist, but that's not gonna happen automatically! I have to show proof that I can! I need to practice and hope to be ready before someone else shows up with the same plan as mine!

Now, I don't have a sister, I'm no longer living with my mom, Ella is too young to practice on and I've grown too comfortable about coloring myself! I can't just ask people to be my practice subjects because I'm not that confident. I want to practice on someone I can be comfortable making mistakes with. Guess who were the lucky GUYS?

My hubby and his friend! Aren't they pretty?!

Hehe, pwede diba?! So, am I ready?!

your every woman,


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