Thursday, October 15, 2009

How To Prevent Wound Scarring + IlogMaria

I've mentioned in a previous post that one parenting hand-me-downs that I don't follow is leaving wounds to dry up in the open. Being a hyper child myself, I've suffered from terrible leg scars and I definitely, DEFINITELY wouldn't want Ella to have the same problems.

One day, Denise, Drew's sister, asked permission from the nanny to take Ella outside the house. Just after a few steps, Denise decided to drink water and left Ella inside the stoller. It was the calm after a storm at the time, so the wind was blowing tremendously strong. Needless to say, the stroller stumbled and Ella's forehead was severely wounded.

I know Ella's still young and the scar would probably just fade away...but it's the forehead! I don't want to take my chances! I also have a noticeable scar on my forehead that I got when I was a year old and it's not flattering! So I researched how to prevent scarring and tailored everything I learned for my daughter. Here's what we did:

1.I realized, based on a lot of interesting reads, that the reason scars/keloids develop is because the first few layers of skin heal first and dry up before the last few layers do. Applying this principle, we now understand that to prevent scarring, we must make sure that our wounds get to heal from the inside out.

2.Following my first principle, I looked for hydrating/disinfecting agent available locally that would be gentle for my daughter's skin. Good thing I found just the thing I needed from IlogMaria... HONEY!!!

Accidental wounds, lacerations, sutured wounds. Apply honey immediately on fresh wound. If possible, apply honey before closure of sutures. This will sterilize the inside of the wound and accelerate healing. Honey will make the wound self irrigate, accelerate blood clotting and healing. Scar tissue will not form.

And it did! We can actually see water coming out of the wound. Much like the how the nanomytes expelled the cobra venom in the GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra movie!!!

3.Ella wouldn't be able to keep the gooey honey on her wound so I had to find a way to protect it. I used breathable gauze bandage and micropore tape. But then the next day I gave Ella a bath and removed the bandage, she cried because parts of the bandage absorbed the honey and dried up on her skin. Poor thing! wanted to bandage to have s sort of balm on the bandage that would prevent the honey from being absorbed by the gauze. Found it from IlogMaria again...

Propolis Ointment: For skin irritations and infections. Good for relief of persistent skin rashes, skin itches, insect bites, infected wounds & burns.Made from Propolis Gold & Beeswax in an Olive Oil base.

wound: week 1

wound: week 2

wound: week 3

4. We kept this routine everytime anyone gives Ella a bath for 2 weeks. We noticed that the if any bit of outer skin gets to dry out, they easily get washed off by bath water. And guess what? NO SCAR!!! And it's not like we waited long after the wound had been healed for Ella's young skin to regenarate new cells. There was really NO SCAR AFTER WE DECIDED TO STOP THE BANDAGE PROCESS ---AND THAT WAS 2 WEEKS!

Everything boils down to the main principle on number 1. I just decided to go natural with the honey and propolis. But you can use any product you're convinced about as long as you keep the wound clean, moisturized and protected. I remember my OB Gyne applying the same principles on my CS and it worked. We used antibacterial ointment and hydrogen peroxide though.

Hope this helps!

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