Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Choose Life!

It's ProLife Month! And even though I'm not really pro some of their advocacies such as doing away with scientific pregnancy preventive measures, I actually am pro life!

And since I cannot write about abortion without appearing self-righteous, I'm gonna let you in on one story of life...of Samuel Alexander Armas!

A mother and a father, who, after several attempts of bearing a child, got their hearts broken when they finally did, but were about to lose it to spina bifida. These parents did everything they can to save the child including having to put their faith on a doctor that would operate on the fetus while 21 weeks inside the womb!

click on picture to get full story from Wikipedia

Well, they were successful and the baby is now a grown boy. But just think about the misery of those who were never blessed with a single offspring!

So even though life is not really for us to choose, I pray that anyone who will ever experience such kind of predicament decides wisely.

your every woman,


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