Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking Care Of Our Hair

My hair has been severely damaged before and just when I thought the only way to get it back to life is to shave my head bald...I found new ways (and new products!) to take better care of it.

Now, I'm really happy with the results and the comments I get from people because my hair is now soft, manageable, naturally straight and shiny! How did I do it? Here are a few tricks...

1. Shampoo your hair every other day. I've read this several times, but I am quite confused as to whether to keep my hair dry during my bath or wash it with water only. And then I just thought of using shampoo & conditioner one day and conditioner only on the next and it worked for me.

3. Use cold water to stimulate your scalp and produce more natural hair oils.

2. Use at least 2 kinds of shampoo and/or conditioner alternately to prevent product build up.

3. Use a wide toothed comb everytime you comb your hair while it's wet. Wet hair is more brittle and more prone to friction and breaking. Moreover, it's also not a good practice to rub towel on your hair to remove excess water. Just apply pressure to your hands while you gently pat the towel on your wet hair.

4. Always take the effort of drying your hair completely right after your bath. Wet wair gets to accumulate dirt and humidity. Also, our hair keeps the shape/condition of how it was while drying. So if you comb it straight, you will have straight hair the rest of the day.

5. Apply heat activated or heat protect serum if you need to blow dry or iron your hair. This is for those special days when you really need to style your hair. "just-slept-in" hair

6. As much as you can, do not rush with your hair. I don't know if you will or have experienced the same thing I did. But when I dry my hair while I'm running late and hurrying, it doesn't become too beautiful. I guess my hair gives a real meaning to "relaxed hair" fact it's even better after I slept on it!

7. Use hot oil or hair mask at least every 2 weeks.

8. Wait at least 8 months between chemical treatments if you really have to get them done.

9. Brush your hair 100 times a day. This is classic. But we don't really have to count as much as 100. It's just that brushing the hair also stimulates the scalp.

10. Make it a habit to have your hair trimmed at least an inch every 2 months. This gets rid of the dry part that the conditioning system of your hair doesn't reach. It also aids in getting your hair to grow longer.

11. Drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet.

By the way, all the 11 tips above applies to my hair, so I'm really not sure if it will apply to everyone. I have medium-dense, black brown, naturally straight hair with thick shafts. I once had my hair curled and I took care of the curls by not combing my hair while it was drying and applying curl enhancing serum on it.

Hope this helps. :)

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