Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lovin' Leyende's A Place In The Sun SPF30 Sunblock

Since riding the organic bandwagon, I thought it would be lovely to replace all the products my family uses with an organic counterpart and I was really really blessed to find this. on picture to view products description

The product has a watery consistency, pretty much like Celeteque's facial moisturizer. In fact, if you're used to applying moisturizer using your fingers, this product will run through your hands if you're not too quick.

Applied on the face, it gives a smooth and weightless matte finish. There's a likelihood of getting white overcast if you don't get to spread the product well. So be sure to just get a pea sized amount of sunblock and add up if necessary because it dries up quickly too.

I also noticed that my face doesn't get too greasy in the afternoon (except for oils in my t-zone as I have combination skin) if I applied this as make-up base. Gifted people can even wear it alone if they're not looking into covering a few dark spots or correcting uneven skin tone. If my wish would come true, that Leyende would come up with a tinted version of this, it would be heaven!

Product didn't give me breakouts. I even used it on my 23 month old daughter and it didn't cause even a single rash. If you check the ingredients, all of them are guilt-free indeed!

The scent may need a bit of getting used to. It smells like a non-flavored, no mint toothpaste...not that strong though.
It's water resistant to some extent.

Not recommended to block UV rays when you're out swimming, but lasts through sweat.

Overall, I give this product a 5 out of 5. I love how this product measures up to some commercial sunblocks out there. And for just P400 for 50ml, it's definitely a steal! Perfect for everyday use, with or without make up! You can get it through
Leyende's Online Store, or check their resellers!

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