Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Early Birthday and Christmas Wish (Materialistic Edition)

I'm just soooo lemming for these and it would be nice to get them for Christmas, otherwise I'll figure out a way to have them...

1. By Nature Handmade Soaps' Balm of Butter

2. Elegant Minerals Ultimate Concealer Foundation in Dark Honey

3. Dollface Cosmetics' 88 pc shimmer palette

4. A Red Sony Cybershot T900 covered with Invisible Shield by ZAGG

5. 2 Tickets to Leah Salonga's Your Songs Concert

6. A Tube of Philosophy Eye Believe (...may be bought at Beauty Bar)

7. Charm Pro Travel Brush Set from Beauty and Minerals

***Since I don't have any of these yet, I'd like to thank the sellers and the official products' websites whose links appear on each entry for the photos! :)

Teehee...not too affordable eh?! Well, as they say, dreams are free!

Love lots,


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