Friday, August 14, 2009

Human Heart Nature Favorite #1: Mango Butter and Natural VitE Intense Moisture Hair Mask

Whew! That was a long! But my raves for this product could be longer!

The name of the product was interesting enough for me to buy it and I became glad I did. Not only does it have mango butter and vitamin E, but it also has peppermint which gives you a minty feel on your scalp for the whole duration of letting it stay on your hair. I'm sure patrons of hot oil and other hair treatments would agree how head aching it is to have your hair treated, shower capped and placed under the egg-shaped steamer right?! Ugh, the things we do for beauty! But this one's different, I even asked my hubby to try it when he was having a headache and it worked. Haha! hair right after a shower without the hair mask

My hair has gone through everything invented for hair that I can think of: rebonded, relaxed, permed, colored, cellophaned, ironed, teased, etc and I can only rely on moisturizing treatments to keep my hair healthy! I have tried minty hair treatments before and they have left me with the impression that adding mint would only give you that refreshing scalp feel but will not really make your hair any softer than regular conditioner. This one left me and hubby in awe! We instantly felt our hair became softer and smoother and hubby told me that my hair looks like it got volume while still maintaining it's natural straightness.

Since then, I've been using it every week on our day off! The scent even lingers until 2-3 days of use. Which makes me remember another comment from Drew...the one where he said "Ang bango mo bessy no? You smell like grandmama..." Like you, I thought he was mocking me, telling me I smell like grannies who fill their rooms with herbs and oils, so I slapped his arms. Apparently, he was just imitating a line Anastacia/Anya said in the cartoon about her grandmother's peppermint scent. And HE thought of THAT! hair, air dried after using the hair mask

See how shiny it is? for some frizz caused by static from my brush when I was drying it. I've been using this for 4 weeks now, as you can's almost empty! I will have to work up a list of things to buy with it the next time. Try it for yourself through GreenWellnes or visit the main website of Human Heart Nature!

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