Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project Vanity Loves Me Back

Can you believe it? I just met Liz of Project Vanity today! If you have been a follower of her blog, you must've read that I won her first giveaway. And instead of having her ship my prize, I just dropped by near where she works.

....aww, I look like a whale here!

It was like meeting celebrity! I was really tongue tied! I never thought Liz would actually look prettier and sexier in person! She even tagged Madz from Ukay Ukay Escapades along.

Well, looked what I've got:

Neat! Thanks again Liz!

Love lots,


  1. aww! it was great meeting you bianca. :D and ill say this again, Ella is simply TOO cute!

  2. yes she is...and bright too! :)