Monday, October 19, 2009

Protecting Yourself from Holiday Crimes

It's Christmas season and as we all know, crime rates, especially theft rises when we're nearing Christmas. I feel it's kind of ironic, because we are supposed to celebrate the coming of our Savior but some people just forget the idea. Well anyway, how do we make sure that our hard earned money will be kept safely until the time we need them? Here are a few tips:

1. Bring credit cards, instead of cash, when making big purchases such as appliances and gadgets.

2. When you ride a cab, always text someone you trust/love with the cab name and plate number. If you have a lot of time, you can also ask for the driver's name, the operator's name/company, and the carbarn address and text those information too. Whether the driver is thinking of doing anything harmful to you or not, asking him these questions would make him think twice, even a couple more times. And just in case the driver is really a criminal (God forbid), at least your loved one has records.

3. Avoid being in very crowded places. If you must, remove/keep your jewellry and expensive accessories which is eye candy for thieves. Walk fast and stay away from people who look suspicious.

4. When waiting for transportation however, or anything else for that matter, stay in places that are well lit and with lots of people.

5. I know you've heard about people pretending to have a domestic fight with anyone, only to kidnap, rape, or mug them right? I'm sure it would be a difficult situation to be in, especially here in the Philippines because the majority wouldn't want to meddle with domestic issues. Haven't experienced this, but I received an email about one lady just grabbing a random seller and tried to convince him that she is with someone she doesn't know and who's trying to do harm to her. I suggest that we do everything we can in our willpower to make a scene and shout out what's truly going on.

5. Don't look at people in the eye, especially strangers. There's a modus operandi wherein the thief would make use of hypnotism to bring you somewhere and make you follow instructions even without your consent.

6. Never post too much information about yourself, you family and whereabouts on the Internet. If you must blog about events, do it after the event had already taken place and not before. Or else bad people may come up with a plan to stalk you or your family members.

7. Travel with a companion.

8. Don't bring too much cash if unnecessary.

9. Have emergency numbers ready on speed dial.

10. Never ask for a stranger's help when using the ATM. And never count your money after a withdrawal. Your bank will have means of returning your money if you don't get the correct amount but they wouldn't be able to help you if you were mugged.

11.Buy gifts one at a time as early as possible. Avoid the holiday rush and buying everything at one time. If it wouldn't be too much, buy gifts online ---FROM TRUSTED SELLERS!

12. If you are already in that creepy situation of being held up, don't fight it (unless you're a really good martial artist or something...) . It would really help if you can humble yourself and just beg, beg, beg them to take your valuables and not your life. Don't look at the perpetrators in the face. Never give them the impression that you're going to turn them in to the cops if they release you alive. Instead, keep on saying comforting words that you understand they may be needing the money and you just want to come back to your dear family alive...stuff like that. Make them empathize with you while empathizing with them as well.

13. Pray to the Lord too keep you safe from harm...really works!

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