Friday, October 2, 2009

Preparing for Typhoon Pepeng...

I was on my way to work earlier when I heard the news about typhoon Pepeng from my cab's radio. And the Filipino, learning from it's experience with Ondoy, resulted to panic buying. I didn't take it too seriously until I came home from work today...

Drew, saying the same thing about the incoming storm, asked me to go to our local grocery when I get home. It's okay though because we haven't really refreshed our supplies since we got our salary. So I went. And I was dumbstruck! I was alone and when the news said people were panic buying, THEY ARE PANIC BUYING!!!


Needless to say, I came out of that store alive, but definitely tired and sweating. I feel I did a great job because I secured my family's welfare in time for the next storm. I hope what I got is enough.

Aside from that, I remembered I kept mum about Ondoy. It's just that this is my first time away from my biological family and the first time I experienced a calamity this big. So I guess, it didn't sink in right away. Now, I want to take the opportunity to tell my loved ones: I love you guys sooo much! To my mom, my brothers and their loved ones, my relatives, my friends from work, school, here and elsewhere, take care! I hope to hear from you soon, especially after Pepeng! Let's keep it together and ask God for guidance and protection! Drew and Ella stays with me (I pray...) and we'll stay safe.

...isn't this a really comforting picture? (from this site)

To anyone who gets to read this, I hope you're safe and comfortable too!

Love lots,


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