Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Things I Did For Make Up

I have clearly posted my intent, both here and on facebook, to buy make up palettes and practice doing make up on other people. But because of the incredible rise of electricity costs (Imagine, from 2700 to 5600 in march...and 5600 to 7900 in april!!!), I wasn't able to buy what I planned. Good thing the lenten season came! It's like Jesus supported my love for make up that my work schedules coincided with the holidays! I rendered 2 hours OT on every day of the lenten week when employees were being paid more. The money I earned from those extra work reflected yesterday, hurrah!

I was ecstatic when I saw that I have enough to get 2 of the palettes I'd like to buy, while still keeping up with the house budget! It was just in time for Dollface Cosmetics' Private Bazaar at Burgundy Plaza!

I had of a bit of blunder with the Burgundy address though. I mistook it for Burgundy Makati which was a walking distance from my workplace. You wouldn't want to know what I saw when I reached the 6th floor of that building. It was my fault anyway, because I failed to read all the details when I signed up for the guest list!

It was really one heck of a ride going to somewhere in QC from Makati, especially with the summer heat! I'd like to thank my ever-supportive husband for coming with me and finding the way. I couldn't have reached the venue without him. If it hit me earlier that the venue was in QC, I would've considered having my purchase shipped to me instead. But Pearl was sooo accommodating, and not to mention very pretty, it was ok to have dropped by.

Because hubby did that very special favor for me, I didn't hesitate to grant his request to drop by Gilmore's before going home. He was supposed to buy a hard disk drive for a friend. He already knew where to buy it the cheapest but still took a chance at Gilmore's, only to find out he was correct.

It was raining hard when we were at Gilmore's and if you're familiar with the place, you know it gets flooded even with the slightest rains. Cab drivers were picky! We had to offer one cab driver Php100+ on top of our bill just to get home. And that was after an hour of waiting!

When we got home, our baby girl was already cleaned up for the night. It sucks to not be able to play with her in the afternoon, but I guess one day's worth of hassle is worth these:

Bought the Revlon Kohl Liner at Puregold Duty Free in Subic for $9.00!

Aren't they lovely tokens for my work-beaten self this labor day? They're sooo beautiful, I didn't want to actually use them....YET! I'll be dolling up any willing girl (or girl at heart) so be prepared! :D And hopefully, I could do pretty looks on myself too!

your every woman,


  1. Ooh pretty palettes! Sorry to hear that you went through such hassle to get them, but it looks totally worth it! :D

  2. thanks lizz! i'll be creating looks using these soon.... :D

  3. woooo gorgeous palettes. im glad you met pearl, shes really nice. ;)