Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Garnier Pure SOS Blemish Clear Pen Review

Times have been really crazy for me and because of that, pimples have been emerging on my face. Yes, plural! Not the usual ones when it's the time of the month.

I had to get a spot treatment immediately and when I saw this:

I just read the packaging and bought it right away!

From the packaging:

-Reduces imperfections in just 5 hours
-Softens marks

Well let me show you how my pimples look like now:

eeeew...lots of blackheads! must get a facial done!

I'm just sorry I didn't get a before shot. But the fact that they're still there even after the formula stayed overnight means that it didn't live up to it's claim of visibly reducing the appearance of pimples in just 5 hours.

And look at a close up of 1 healed pimple here:

The pimple was supposed to be just the small round spot at the center of the now dark spotted area. That was the area the formula covered when I pressed the tube.

It doesn't clear pimples and it doesn't prevent scarring...so what does it do? Harbor dirt on the face while it's there because it takes a very long while to completely dry up? Definitely a waste of approx. Php 200.

your every woman,


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