Friday, January 22, 2010

Red Lips and Lined Eyes

Aside from the no make-up look, which I sometimes get tired of, I love wearing red lips matched with lined eyes. It really brings out my Asian features.

I've tried sugar red from The Natural Source but it's been a year and the lipstick had dried out. Plus, it's too frosty and doesn't give me the red I wanted as I was hoping for an effect similar to the Mac Russian Red's.

On the eyeliner part though, I am still in search of a good one that'll stay vibrant on my eyes from dusk 'til dawn (or vice versa since I work at a call center *wink*).

Here's what made it to my face at the
Sto. Niño festival.

Artdeco Perfect Color Lipstick #08
-very pigmented
-stays on for hours, even through drinking and eating
-elegant black packaging
-on sale, originally priced at Php600+ but I got it for just Php465.

-matte finish dries the lips
-will no longer be available locally (SA informed us that Artdeco will be around while supplies last or until April, whichever comes first)
-has the tendency to turn pinkish rather than a true red when fading

eyes not lined, face bare

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil in Black

-dries fast
-has a built-in sharpener

-sharpener doesn't give a nice pointed result
-smudges on oily lids and teary eye corners
-loses color quality at the end of the day (My right eyelid is oilier than my left, so even though it doesn't smudge on my left lid, I noticed that the color at the end of the day wasn't as black as it was when I first applied it.)
-price is so-so at around Php500 (-forgot the exact price)

after 8 hours of application and partying at the festival

with flash and w/o flash respectively

How about you, what is your favorite make up look? What do you use to achieve it?

your every woman,


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