Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Host A Drinking Session With A Bang!!!

Dynamite had always been a food request from our drinking pals, and although neither hubby nor I drink, we still love serving (and eating) them!

If you're a bar hopper, I'm sure you've already tasted some of these. Here's how we make 'em!


30 pcs green chili
1 large Eden cheese
30 pcs medium lumpia wrapper
1 egg white
ketchup-mayo dip

1. Cut each green chili vertically in the middle. Remove seeds and fill with cheese.

2. Wrap with lumpia wrapper and seal with egg white.
3. Deep fry and serve with ketchup-mayo dip.

Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of the finished product. Our friends can't help but consume them as they came out of the frying pan.

your every woman,


  1. wow i should try making these. my boy's gonna love them. :)

    nice blog!

  2. thanks! this finger food is a winner! :D