Monday, November 9, 2009

A Second Thought on Stripit Hair Removal Cold Wax Kit

I was addicted about online shopping a year ago that I began browsing online sellers directory of the Philippines and came across Stripit! I was sooo excited to try it out that I ordered the largest jar as soon as my next salary came.

The first time I used it, I was sooo surprised at how effective it was. It took all the hair on the my legs and the same strip can still grip and remove hair up to 3 times for me. Not only that, the color of my skin after stripit was obviously a tad brighter than it's color with hair. I was soo happy with the results that I decided to share my jar to a colleague who is as kikay as I am. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the same condition when she returned the remaining wax.

The wax was moist and watery and it doesn't adhere to the skin anymore. I thought my friend accidentally spilled water over it or kept it in the fridge, but she didn't. I called the seller and was advised to try to microwave it but it didn't work. My husband teased me a lot about it so I decided to put off waxing using that same kit for a year.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was so happy to receive my second order of hair removal wax kit from Stripit. It's even better now because they offer more products like the Crushed Berry Lip and Cheek Tint and Aloe Vera gel which is supposed to calm irritated skin after waxing. I tried it again and it worked just as well as it did a year ago. The Aloe Vera gel did wonders for a part of my legs that turned red and was almost about to show bumps.

Halfway through my wax session, I noticed that the wax mixture is getting a little moist. I realized that was because the electricfan was in full blast at the time and the room temperature was kinda cold (...ber months 'ya know). I remembered not turning the electricfan on the first time I tried doing this because I have no experience and I don't want the wind blowing my cloth strips away. I think my friend did her waxing on an airconditioned room and never replaced the cover the entire time she's waxing her whole body (She's the kind who'll wax everything, unlike me who will only wax a few parts of my body...). waxed legs (don't mind my cellulite! LOLz)

Ergo, the wax recipe was prepared perfectly that the consistency and efficiency will change if there is additional moisture. You may have to keep replacing the cover of your jar every so often while you're waxing if you've experienced this.

Overall, it is a great product considering it's price: Php 160 for 150g trial size, Php 200 for 200g medium size and Php 295 for 350g largest size. It is available online through the main website, through resellers or certain stores. The wax is composed of sugar, honey and calamansi, which are all natural. The mixture is water soluble, meaning you can clean your cloth for future use by just soaking the strips in water until the wax dissolves and hang them to dry. You may say that skin should really be brighter waxed than it is with hair...But I've tried waxing using Veet and it doesn't brighten/exfoliate my skin the way Stripit does. If you are unsure about properly keeping your wax in a place where it doesn't catch excess moisture (...or ants, LOLz), then I suggest you get it in small jars. The mixture retains same consistency while the jar is unopened anyway.

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