Saturday, November 7, 2009


I remember having read a free-verse on my big brother's school paper entitled "Procrastination". It sucks that I never got to keep a copy of it and only the last line was retained on my mind: "Seize the day and have no regrets."

"Procrastination refers to the deferment of actions or tasks to a later time." -from Wikipedia

This seems all the more meaningful for me now than it ever was during the time I read about it. I don't want to think about the ma
├▒ana habit people brand Filipinos with. Work postponed for later doesn't mean as much as people we failed to express our feelings with...and then it's too late.

Why does it mean more to me now? Because I'm old enough to understand that people will really pass away...some sudden...some expected. Yet I will never ever be prepared...never mature enough to take each blow.

Drew lost a friend just months ago from a certain disease. Now, Lara, one of my very best friend's dad, is battling stage 4 cancer of the liver at Makati Medical Center. Dii Conde, another friend of Drew, is now comatose at the Medical City with Lupus.

These people are good people. Drew's friend was just about his age (early 20's). Mr. Sureta didn't have a vice. Dii was a pretty lady who never looked unhealthy. But we can all see where they're heading now. We should know better that the D word doesn't really choose by preference. It can strike on anyone at any given time...And the best way we can prepare is to just make anyone who matter in our lives feel how much they mean to us if later never comes.

My heart and prayers go to the people I've mentioned and to those who have already left me to join the Father such as my dad -Beng Huat Lim, my grandpa -Zosimo Panganiban, my grandma -Pacita Callera, and my son -Matthew Angelo. And I hope that whether you know these people or not, you can join them in your prayers too. Miracles would be very nice, but for the Lord to give peace to them and their loved ones would be more than enough.

And for the people who matter most to me, especially my mom, big brother Paulo, little brother Ian, tita Len, tita Tina, my ever-loving hubby Drew, my wonderful daughter Ella, the girls I consider my very best friends named Tetot, Lara, Bernice and Velika, my niece Lilay, my other relatives, their loved ones and everyone who have touched my life...super mahal na mahal ko kayo!!!

Love lots,


  1. Hi, I used to work in the same office as Dii. I just heard she passed away earlier today.

  2. hubby just went to her wake earlier today...such a sad, sad loss. may the Lord God welcome her spirit

  3. Good day. You have a nice blog. Have a nice day. Radka.

  4. Dii will be missed.