Sunday, November 1, 2009

Human Heart Nature is Loving Ella's Hair

In comes Human Heart Nature with shampoos for kids and babies. Ironically, this is the first product I've ever tried from this line when I accidentally found it at the MomExpo at The Rockwell Tent. I don't know why it took me a while to post about it. Oh well...

Ella's hair has fine strands. I took a long time for her hair to grow longer because it's curly. I'm not complaining because it seems to look very good on her... I am surprised she got her grandma's curly hair and not Drew's nor my naturally straight hair though.

Now with the pressure that came with super straight haired shampoo models here in the Philippines, I am now in a conscious effort to help Ella maintain her beautiful wavy hair as she grows up. I want her to know that she can stand out with the kind of hair she was born with.

Human Heart Nature supports me in this goal. I used the other variants before but Aloe Vera and Chamomile really stole my heart. I pour around 3 tablespoons of the product on Ella's bath tub and pour water from a high position to make bubbles. Ella enjoys bubbles too much. I use the same water in the tub to wash her hair.

Every weekend, I nourish Ella's hair with the Mango Butter Nourishing Conditioner in Mandarin.

Just look at her hair now...

...without flash

...with flash

Soft, beautiful curls with natural brown highlights! I hope it stays that way!

Love lots,


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