Tuesday, November 3, 2009

B.E Weather Everything Eyeliner Sealer Review

I bought BE's Weather Everything Liner Sealer because I felt that it is a good investment for scrimps like me. One drop of the liquid is enough for both eyes and would make any color of eyeshadow turn into an indellible eyeliner.

I got someone from ebay.ph who sold it to me for 750 + shipping, something I find very affordable if you consider it's purpose. I checked Lise Watier Metamorphix Liner Sealer at Marionnaud and it costs a little over Php 1000 (if I'm not mistaken...).

At first, I thought I failed at this purchase because when I mixed my mpm's with it, it gives them a flaky, plastic finish on my eyes...much like the effect those cheap liquid eyeliners have. It is by accident that I learned how to properly do my lining just as I was about to post a review about it.

I was too lazy doing my thing with mixing liner sealer and mpm for photos sake. So, what I did was I wet my liner brush, dipped it on a dash of mpm that I already separated from the container and drew long lines on the back of my hand. After the lines dried up, I swiped BE's Weather Everything Liner Sealer on the UPPER HALF of the lines I made to show a comparison. I was in awe when it didn't bring out a flaky plastic finish. In fact, it gave more vibrance to the colors, especially to my Ellana Ethereal mpm which gives off a silver-black color instead of plain black when wet.

(with flash) Ellana Grace, Dazzle, Sensational and Ethereal mpm's

(without flash)

It's not entirely "weather everything" though. Definitely not the kind I'd wear for my wedding! I have very oily lids and teary eyes. And even this eyeliner sealant did not prevent the colors on the corners of my eyes from transferring to my tissue! Lolz!

Over all, I think it's not too bad of a product unlike the BN gel liner that I really can't use. (Can you imagine trying to seal that gel liner with this sealant and it still doesn't work?). Will I purchase it again? Maybe...For sure, I wouldn't splurge on using it so that the contents would last long.

Now if I can get my hands on Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash...that's a different story.

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