Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Can Ella Do at 18 Months?

I haven't been blogging lately due to lack of time, inspiration and good health. Good thing I got inspiration from another mommy blogger of official chosen fate wherein she displayed what her son Asher can do at 15 months. Now that Ella is 1 year and a half, I guess it's also the best time to update the post I did around 2 months ago....

What Ella Can Do At 18 Months:

1.Say the name friends and family members. Mommy, daddy, nono (lolo), nona (lola), tito pi (pe for christopher) , anan (tito allan), tita d (denise), tita pat, tito mi (mike), inan (tito ian), yayay (yaya), Jiji (Jinjin), Bambam (Banban), Ninay (Lilay) and Ena (Ella)

2.Say the name of animals, toys and characters. Momananie (Mama Mary), Jija (Jesus), Cowcow
(the SM ox stuffed toy), Moo (stuffed toy cow), Meow (stuffed toy cat), Biddy (stuffed toy piggy), Tity (Hello Kitty), Mamy (Handy Manny), Mouse (Mickey Mouse), Babam (Spongebob), Momas (Thomas the train), Pooh, Babidee (Jollibee), Cocodayday (crocodile), tuto (turtle), titen (chicken), doodie (doggie), miming (cat), fity (fishy), teetteet (bird), yahyah (horse), and daki (ducky).

3.Say other words used for work, play and everything else. cook, tooki (cookie), babos(bubbles), susi (keys), open, mimi (sleep), toti (water), teebi (tv), yamyam (eat), jis (juice), tis (shoes), pitow (pillow), poopoo (poop), ees (ears), nose, pit (feet), nappy, totolit (chocolate), upup (go upstairs), no, ayaw, bu (beautiful, whenever she sees my makeup kits), bad (bag), bo (ball), nana(banana), yice (rice), aytim (ice cream), eno (hello), hi, boomboom (vehicles), outs (ouch),oops, uh-oh, oh man (ala swiper), toys, chichow (slipper), dedeyo (milk), she loves adding "yo" towords by the way), eyes, teet (teeth), miming (swimming), ati-on (badminton), bi-bi (bracelet),beebee (baby), teyon (crayon), ena (umbrella), papi (flower), itot (the rotating computer chair), tun (sun), moon, no-my no-my (she used to call star -tow, no she calls them no-my no-my because she thought the ABC song is an extension of twinkle twinkle...get it? "now I know my ABC")

4.Identify things and body parts when asked. These are for some of the things she knows but can't say yet like computer, Tigger, spanker (her friendly wooden pamalo), head, tummy, hands, and tongue.

5.Imitate a few animal sounds like ah-ah-ah-ah (chicken), bowwow/awaw (dog), moo (cow) and meow (cat).

6.Show dance moves like circling the arms and hands ala sinabawang gulay, circling the wrist ala muslim dance, banging the head, shaking the booty, and turning around to her favorite songs, Single Ladies by Beyonce Knowles, Poker Face by Lady Gaga, Womanizer by Britney Spears and other cartoon and tv show theme songs...well actually any lively music she feels like dancing to.

7.Sing....yes sing! I couldn't believe it either! She can sing the first 2 notes from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the adlib of Poker Face (pppoker face, pppoker face...momo-momo, although she says it this way papapapi papapapi, momo-momo), The ABC song 'til g, and some tunes she created on her own.

8.Do loving and greeting acts like kiss, hug, flying kiss, hi and beautiful eyes.

9.Play kids' games like saw-saw suka, peek-a-boo, pretend doctor and pretend cook.

10.Display tantrum and be a snob while saying "hmmm"....something I'm not too proud of, however I must acknowledge that she is actually practicing a display of emotions which is STILL a development.

Whew! I enumerated everything I can muster because I'd like Ella to read about this when she's older so she'd know how much early childhood stimulation works wonders on kids.

How about you, what has your child learned to date? Enumerate them and have fun!

Love lots,


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